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The FA has already asked Manchester United and Manchester City to explain how the conflict has developed, and Guardiola is still tight-lipped about the injury to Altstadt's aiding man in Manchester City: "I will not explain what was happening at the time. Question, but after the match Taylor Hall Jersey, No. The FA has already known our explanation, I have made it very clear Patrick Maroon Jersey... Finished, I remember when I was in Spain, the Premiership has Vieira vs Keane story, this is not the first Once, but hope is the last time.

Pun Pani injured Mangala top? With Manchester United's Derby, captain Kompany has only played half of the injury was replaced Benoit Pouliot Jersey, Mangala bench stable in the 59th minute. No accident, then midweek and Swansea match Mangala will be formed with Otamendi defense partner. In the case of a two-game match in the week Guaren Shuai may rotate the lineup, including Jing Duan, Bernardo - Silva, Aguero may enter the starting lineup.

In retrospect of Barcelona's time, Ibrahim said: "I scored a lot of goals in the first six months and we won two Super Cup titles (Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup), which Six months is perfect, but after that we changed the formation and play Brad Hunt Jersey, which for me was not good news. The club asked me to talk to Guardiola, and I told him because Messi, he At the expense of the other players, he expressed his understanding of me, and after a game, I got on the bench and then one game after another.

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