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SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Scott Moir was teased about getting "misty" on the medal podium Saturday, as he sang along to the national anthem after winning Skate Canada International gold. Moir and partner Tessa Virtue had just captured their fifth Skate Canada Grand Prix title to kick off what will likely be their final season competing. "Misty? I was checking the Leafs score," Moir shot back, to much laughter. "I dont know whats wrong with me," he added. "Its emotional, I think for Tessa and I, hearing your anthem in your own country, its very special. "Weve been lucky to have some great opportunities, Olympic Games, many Skate Canadas . . . but its always special to stand up there to hear your national anthem and sing along to it. "Smelling the roses, if you will." Virtue, from London, Ont., and Moir, from Ilderton, Ont., scored 181.03 points, bringing the Harbour Station crowd to its feet with their elegant free dance to music by Russian composer Alexander Glazunov -- a program they call their "labour of love," set to a piece of music that has already seen 25 revisions and counting. They hope its the program that will propel them back to the top of the Olympic ice dance podium one more time. "Tessa and I, it was really about creating a moment with this program, and we were able to do that for ourselves, and hopefully fans felt it as well," Moir said. Canadian teammates Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje claimed silver with 175.23, while Americans Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue won bronze with 153.20. Virtue and Moir from skated to music from "The Seasons," a Russian ballet that has never been used in international competition and a piece of music their coach Marina Zoueva chose to appeal to Russian sensibilities at the Sochi Olympics. If last seasons free dance to "Carmen" was all drama and passion, "The Seasons" is silvery grace, more similar in style to their free program that won them gold at the Vancouver Games, but still unique, and packed full of intricate lifts and spins. "Winning the Olympics is our main goal, but we know we cant do anything thats been done before, we dont want to be compared to anyone else. . .and having music that no one has ever skated to is motivating for us," Moir said. "We want to create a unique moment in our career. We have to stay true to ourselves and even when were trying to win the Olympics, were not willing to sell out to do it." The ballet represents the four seasons, but also represents the course of the Canadians career. The beginning is about their love for skating, the middle about their outside pressures and conflicts, and then rediscovering their love for skating. The final 30 seconds, Moir explained in his Coles Notes version, is meant to be the two in Sochi, "triumphing and achieving our goal." "One thing we wanted to make sure this season is we didnt try and repeat what we did in Vancouver. Its easy to go back and duplicate that but so much has changed, in the sport of ice dancing but also in our own skating and within our partnership. So Marina had a great vision of how she wanted this program," Virtue explained. "Its important to show the change of seasons, Glazunovs seasons, but also to relate to our story. "Theres so much to tell in the last 17 years and I think that makes us that more invested and connected to the program." In keeping with the seasons theme, Zoueva, who also coaches the Canadians top rivals, Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White, said shes purposefully chosen four very different styles of skating for the past four seasons. "Last year Carmen was drama, conflict between man and woman and I used contemporary, very rough, and understated choreography," she said. "This program had to be a huge contrast, and it is super elegant, super classical." "I love it, I loved their performance, it was very emotional." TORONTO -- Premier Kathleen Wynne is defending a $7-million bonus package for 64 executives organizing the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games, saying it was necessary to avoid losing key personnel ahead of the event. "We may think its out of whack in terms of comparing it with other endeavours," she said Monday. "But the reality is we were competing for multi-sport games with other jurisdictions around the Americas, and thats the structure we put in place in order to be able to compete and draw the Games here. "I think we should be celebrating that. We should be celebrating that we won the Games." Winning the Games comes at a steep cost. The $1.4-billion budget for the Games doesnt include $700 million to build the athletes village or $10 million for the provincial Pan Am secretariat, which oversees TO2015. Ian Troop, CEO of the Pan Am committee, was paid a base salary of $390,000 last year plus an $87,000 bonus. Hes eligible for a $780,000 bonus if the Games come in on budget and on time. Pan Am executives earning between $190,000 and $250,000 will be eligible for bonuses of up to 100 per cent of their annual pay when the Games are over -- half for staying on the job and the other half conditional on performance. The Opposition Conservatives say its ridiculous TO2015 executives are in line for generous bonuses for "sleepwalking" through the job they were hired to do. "When its 200 per cent of your salary when youre making $477,000, thats a problem," said Tory critic Rod Jackson. "Were not getting value for our money." The premier slammed some of those well-paid executives last week for billing taxpayers for "ridiculous" expenses like a 91-cent parking fee and a $1.89 cup of tea. The Liberals have since ordered TO2015 to tighten its expense rules. But theyve defended the bonuses, saying its similar to other multi-sport event organizations like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Michael Chan said the Pan Am Games will be even bigger than the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, with more than 10,000 athletees and officials from 41 nations, who will compete in 51 sports.dddddddddddd VANOC budgeted about $30 million for bonuses to all its employees after the Olympics, but ended up cancelling them. The government shouldnt award generous bonuses just because its always been done, said Jackson. "When youre dealing with public money, you need to be responsible for that public money and you cant give away responsibility for that," he said. Its unbelievable that Wynne can act outraged about a 91-cent expense, but not blink an eye at a $780,000 bonus, said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. "Most people in Ontario wont see that kind of money in 10 years of work and the premier tries to say this is about job creation," she said. "No, this is about $780,000 that might have actually provided jobs for 10 people." The Liberals have been dogged for years by spending controversies, including handsomely paid eHealth consultants and former executives at the provinces Ornge air ambulance services being reimbursed for chocolate bars and $14 cashews. The latest setback comes as the Liberals brace for the release of the auditor generals long-awaited report on the true costs of cancelling a gas plant in Oakville in 2010. It was one of two plants in Liberal ridings that were scrapped ahead of the 2011 election, in what the opposition parties have derided as an expensive seat-saver program. The Liberals originally pegged the cost of killing the Oakville plant at $40 million, but the most recent estimate is $310 million. Pulling the plug on the Mississauga plant in the dying days of the 2011 election campaign cost about $275 million -- $85 million more than the government originally claimed, the auditor general concluded last April. Voters in the next election should be asking themselves whether they trust the Liberals with their money, said Jackson. They always pass the buck to agencies like eHealth, saying theyre the ones that screwed up, then promise to tighten the rules, he said. "Weve seen this refrain over and over again and its not good enough," Jackson said. Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys 2019 Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys From China NFL Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '

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