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A detective masterpiece has been welcomed and loved by people in all countries of the world! It is like a crystallization of wisdom, writing the "root" of wisdom! Another example is the incarnation of justice Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which reveals the darkness. This masterpiece is the masterpiece of the Japanese writer Aoyama Gangchang, "Detective Conan"! A detective masterpiece that is loved by the people of the world!
"The Detective Conan" has 12 comics, each with extraordinary creative value and a mysterious and exciting legend for everyone! The protagonist Edogawa Conan (Kudo Shinichi) led his partner Parliament Cigarettes, Shirahara (Shirley), and the young detective team, Yuan Tai, and others broke the mysterious case very strongly again and again! People are all amazed! The most broken case should be Conan, because every time he encounters a case, he is very careful to find out that every small detail is detected. When he understands the truth, he uses the voice of Maori Kogoro to break through again. A tricky case! Conan is really smart, a detective who is good at discovering details! We must learn more about his spirit!mes once said: "Once you have ruled out all the impossible facts, then the rest, no matter how incredible, is the truth of the truth." Conan, like Holmes, believes in the truth and believes that "justice is always successful." Detectives, and Conan and Holmes have one of the strongest personality traits - not the last, rather than die! You see Newport Cigarettes Website, Conan has never been hurried and has not been desperate when he is in danger. When he is thinking about how to escape the difficulties smoothly, he successfully escapes the "view of death"! It is with this spirit that this optimistic and calm spirit has broken the highest record of "Detective History"!nce said: "Remove all the impossible factors, things left behind Marlboro Red 100S... no matter how unwilling you to believe... but it is the truth!" This sentence is his "mentor" every time he solves the crime! He is relying on the confidence in "truth", not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of the complexity of the case, racking his brains, trying hard to find clues to solve the case, and enough evidence to find the real murderer! It is because of his attention to detail that the importance of detective identity has made him break through many difficult cases that are "unfathomable"! "The clues are the deadly point of solving the crime!" He is catching the small details and breaking out many big cases!ieve - there is only one truth!" This is Kudo's new "Detective" view! We must learn his qualities Cigarette Online, calmly and calmly whenever and wherever you want, not panic! A panic will mess! In the same way, we have to learn from his spirit of never letting go of a little detail - "the clues are the deadly point of solving the case!"

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