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CHICAGO , June 8 (Xinhua) -- A study released by the University of Michigan (UM) Thursday found that chemical naled currently used to ward off mosquitoes carrying the Zika and chlorpyrifos, an insecticide, can produce negative impact on the motor function of infants.

Researchers at the UM School of Public Health and UM Center for Human Growth and Development came to this conclusion and posted it on the UM website after testing children in China.

The study found the top 25 percent of infants that are exposed to chemical valed via their mothers during the pregnancy have their fine moto skills three to four percent lower at 9 months than those in the lowest 25 percent of exposure.

Infants exposed to chlorpyrifos scored two to seven percent lower on a range of key gross and fine motor skills.

Girls are more sensitive to the negative effects of the chemicals than boys, the study found.

In the children studied, naled affected fine motor skills or the small movements of hands , fingers, face, mouth and feet, while chlorpyrifos was associated with lower scores for both large movements of arms and legs and fine motor skills.

The UM researchers examined the umbilical cord blood of some 240 mothers, looking for exposure to 30 different organophosphate insecticides , five of which showed up in at least 10 percent of the samples. In addition to naled and chlorpyrifos, researchers also found methamidophos, trichlorfon and phorate.

The researchers then followed the development of the babies using the well-known Peabody Developmental Motor Skill Assessment at 6 weeks and 9 months. No deficits were noted at 6 weeks.

Naled is one of the chemicals being used in several U.S. states to combat the mosquito that transmits Zika, while Chlorpyrifos has been used on vegetables, fruit and other crops to control pests since the 1960s.

China is the world's largest user of pesticides. As exposure to the chemicals is a worldwide concern , the concern is especially serious in China, the study said.

There are businesses that run completely out of a backpack. Many of them are consulting type organizations that offer project-management training courses worldwide. They teach business clients how to meet goals such as developing a product, launching a website, or reaching a sales quota. Most of the work is done in developing countries where common luxuries such as hotels, are minimal.

Most of these business owners don't even have an office , or even a main business residence here in the US, all they have is a backpack. What they're able to carry and do with their backpacks is pretty amazing.

Common items found inside a typical backpack for these business owners include: 1 laptop, Blackberry cell phone for business, personal cell phone for family and friends, iPod for music , and many carry GPS gear for traveling purposes. Commonplace items include magazines, books, emergency food and toiletry items. Depending on the business, additional gear is also carried such as video equipment, and sleeping gear. Some individuals will carry a second backpack with recreations items. Swimsuits , hiking boots, towels, sun tan lotion and more, are just some of the popular sport-related items.

Working out of a backpack allows the businesses to connect with clients and colleagues from almost anywhere. Many have conducted webinars for as many as 1,000 people from a trailer parked next to the house , or negotiated multi-million dollar contracts while sitting near a beautiful waterfall. With the advent of the internet wireless card, business meetings, email, and more can be conducted wherever there's a cell phone signal. HR related activities and accounting can all be web-based, meaning you're able to hire employees , print checks, and handle all benefits information from your laptop.

Important documents from anywhere in the world, can easily be scanned into the computer using digital cameras. There are software programs that organize and clean-up scanned images and makes them email-able and available for print. Electronic signatures are used for signing purposes, will help to eliminate the need for printers.

The best part of carrying a business in your backpack is the adventures and memories created as you travel throughout the world. Imagine traveling from England to New Zealand and up to Alaska, experiencing the local customs and climate. After a few years of such an active lifestyle , your backpack would become a treasured memento.

So give it a though tonight and see if you'd be able to run your business out of a simple backpack. Doing so, would probably become and exciting adventure!

BEIJING, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Despite a still anemic world economy charged with rising isolationist sentiment, China's cooperation with other countries keeps growing, with recently released data showing that it became Germany's largest trading partner in 2016.

The increase of China-Germany trade, observers say, serves as yet another signal indicative of Beijing's steadfast commitment to its decades-old opening-up policy, which has benefited both China and the world at large.


Official statistics published Friday showed that the China-Germany trade amounted to 170 billion euros (about 180.3 billion U.S. dollars) in 2016, which meant China overtook the United States as Germany's top trading partner.

Beyond Germany, the broader Europe is also witnessing an increasingly active and fruitful cooperation with China. Trade between China and the European Union (EU) grew by 3 percent year on year to over 3.6 trillion yuan (525 billion dollars) in 2016.

Against the backdrop of a gloomy world economic growth, that once again demonstrated China's willingness to establish closer ties with the rest of the world, Ruan Zongze, vice president of t. Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Online Authentic NHL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys Cheap College Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys From China Soccer Jerseys Online New MLB Jerseys Cheap

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