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GANZHOU, Jiangxi, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- In her dark, dank hovel in Ganzhou City, east China's Jiangxi Province, Zhong Nianfa (a pseudonym) uses a washing machine given by her son to store sweet potatoes and carrots rather than dirty laundry.

The ramshackle mud house the 78-year-old farmer calls home barely has enough electricity to power modern appliances such as a washing machine or fridge.

She is one of scores of Chinese farmers still living in old mud houses built decades ago in Ganzhou Black Shaquill Griffin Jersey , home to the early revolutionary activities of the Communist Party of China, where wartime damage, unfavorable geological conditions and a dearth of government preferential policies have literally made the area a miserable land of poverty.

Soon, however, the farmers will bid farewell to their dated huts and move into new well-conditioned modern buildings, as a central government program is rapidly implemented in the former revolutionary base.

The program, launched in mid-2012 by the State Council Black Ethan Pocic Jersey , China's Cabinet, aims to improve the livelihood of local villagers by providing safe drinking water, transform mud shacks, upgrade rural electricity grids and boost economic development.

Since its debut, the program has helped 2.63 million farmers relocate into new modern houses, according to official statistics. The remaining are expected to move into new buildings by the end of 2015.


Life in the mud homes is not much fun.

Before the government initiative, about 695 Black Malik McDowell Jersey ,000 households in Ganzhou, or three million people, were struggling under the roof of small, dilapidated mud houses.

With several people sharing one house, space is a commodity and family members are often forced to live in very small rooms, with the rest of the area used to store the family's possessions.

These houses are typically tucked away in the region's lush, boundless mountains Frank Clark Jersey , where Jiangxi's constant rainfall wages a battle with the mud structures.

Hua Chongqi, who used to live in such a house, explained to Xinhua the struggles involved.

"When it rained, the roof leaked and we had to put out washbasins to catch the drips," Hua said.

Being made of mud, the houses were very susceptible to water damage and, even when it wasn't raining Rees Odhiambo Jersey , were extremely damp, he said.

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