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WASHINGTON, April 22 (Xinhua) -- The suspected gunman is still at large after at least five people have been shot dead in two connected shootings in the southeastern U.S. state of Georgia, BNO News reported on Friday night.

Police sources said the two shootings happened early Friday evening in Appling. Four were pronounced dead at the scene and one died on the way to hospital.

"We're working (on) a multiple shooting. We have five victims, and the sheriff's department is looking for the shooter. And that's all I can tell you right now because we haven't finished processing the crime scene," Columbia County Coroner Vernon Collins told BNO News.

There is no immediate word on the identities of the victims, and information about what may have led to the killings is not yet known.

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Sometimes couples have unrealistic expectations about what marriage should be like for them. These needs are everything from provisional to emotional. Trying to meet these expectations can be quite a task. Presupposing these expectations will be met can be disasterous.

When your expectations are not met this sets you up to be unhappy and to complain. This can quickly frustrate even the happiest of newlyweds. Strengthen your marriage with a solid foundation. Make sure you start off with the right tools.

1) Remember that it is an adjustment to being together. Give it time. Working out the questions of who is going to do what and how should it be done
can cause conflict. Questions like Chris Conley Rush Jersey , " Who is going to pay the bills?" "Who is going to clean the bathrooms?" "Which church are we going to attend?" must be answered. Don't let these adjustment challenges come between you and the one
you love.

2) Embrace your spouse's differences verus criticizing them or trying to change them. Be your spouse's biggest fan. Stay away from stereotypes that
your partner won't be able to fulfill. You will break their spirit if you expect them to be just like your mom, your dad Mitch Morse Rush Jersey , or someone else you admire. Be
appreciative of your spouse. It takes time for a marriage to mature.

3) Fortify your commitment to each other. Never threaten divorce. You'll probably think about it at some point in your marriage but don't ever say it.
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