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ACCRA, May 14 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese-built sports stadium in Cape Coast, a well-known historical and cultural city in Ghana, is helping the West African country unearth more talents.

Just a few years ago, the place was a wasteland covered with weeds and bushes.

Now, a 16,700-seat-capacity ultra-modern stadium furnished with eight runways, basketball courts, football pitch, handball court, box training field, athletes dormitories as well as other facilities rises straight from the ground.

The stadium, which looks like a shell sleeping on the beach, perfectly matches Cape Coast.

The sports complex was constructed by the China Jiangxi International Economic and Technical Cooperation, with a Chinese government grant of 30 million U.S. dollars.

Even before its inauguration, sportsmen and women in the Central Region of Ghana had been patronizing the stadium to train ahead of their various competitions.

The facility has enhanced business, and served as a training ground for many schools in the region.

Impressed with the construction of the stadium, Ghana's Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuije said early this month that the facility would revive the interest of the country's sports stars.

"I saw joy in the faces of the athletes who were running in the tracks, the boxers in the gym, the table tennis... were all happy. Their lives have been changed and their facilities transformed," he said.

With this new stadium, Ghana now has four venues with tartan tracks where athletics can take place, which is the key to the development of the country's athletes for international competitions.

"We have always decried the lack of attention for the so-called lesser-known sports. In this new stadium, we have all the facilities for training many of those athletes into world-class champions," said Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama.

Alex Osei-Mensah, Ashanti regional chairman for Disabled Sports, was highly elated for the provision of facilities to enhance physically-challenged sports in Ghana.

"It will help to lift up the disabled sports, those from the Central Region. I am very happy for that," he told Xinhua in a recent interview.

ADDIS ABABA Nike Air VaporMax Plus Reverse Sunset Femme Pas Cher , Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese funding to the African Union (AU) that was announced during the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held last year in South Africa, is important for establishment of the African Standby Force, a senior UN official Dr. Carlos Lopes has said.

"Setting up a force is always very difficult. And if the Chinese were convinced to provide funding for the initial stages, then the whole process will be easy Air VaporMax Plus Homme Nike Cargo Khaki Pas Cher ," Lopes who is the Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told Xinhua in an interview during the 26th AU summit that ended on Sunday in Ethiopia.

With regards to Africa's infrastructure needs, Lopes said the continent needs 90 billion U.S. dollars annually to achieve structural transformation.

"We have managed to mobilize half of that amount and the deficit will be filled in three ways; through external funding such as foreign investments, through internal taxation and thirdly, by creating special partnerships with countries such as China Nike Air VaporMax Plus Homme Triple Noir Pas Cher ," the ECA's boss said.

Recalling his recommendations in Equatorial Guinea in 2014 urging Africa to emulate China's development model, Lopes reiterated that "besides African countries asking China for financial support, they should also learn from China's industrialization model.

"Thirty years ago, China had a per capita income equivalent to some poor African nations. It was a country that wholly depended on agricultural production. This is why I am asking that we learn from China Homme Nike Air VaporMax Plus Noir Hyper Bleu Pas Cher , but we should do what they did much faster," the UN official affirmed.

He hailed the important role currently being played by Africa's private sector in the continent's economic transformation.

"The private sector is playing its role because initially, there was no intra-Africa investments, no internal consumption and there were no activities in private domains such as construction as well as in public domains such as electricity supply and ports because there was no private sector in most parts of the continent Femme Nike Air VaporMax Plus Clair Vert Pas Cher ," he noted.

Today, he continued, a lot is being done and African entrepreneurs are playing their role.

"But it is still small vis-a-vis the needs and their capacities. We should continue to mobilize this private sector potential," he concluded.

(Xinhua file photo)

BEIJING Femme Nike Air VaporMax Plus Clair Menta Blanche Pas Cher , Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- China's inflation will drop mildly in November and remain tame until the end of the year due to stable food prices and a weakening carry-over effect, the Bank of Communications said in a report.

The consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of consumer inflation, is expected to edge down to 1.8 percent year on year in November from the 1.9-percent growth recorded in October Homme Nike Air Max Plus Sunset Noir Bleu Pas Cher , according to the report.

The CPI retreat is mainly due to stable food prices, the bank's chief economist Lian Ping said, adding that vegetable prices will moderate and meat prices will go up marginally.

Meanwhile, non-food prices rose due to more expensive refined oil products.

Lian said inflation will not see substantial changes throughout the year end and the CPI is expected to stand at around 2 percent in 2018 Homme Nike Air Max Plus Gradient Pack Jaune Bleu Pas Cher , ruling out the possibility of price hikes.

The CPI climbed 1.5 percent year on year for January-October period, below the government's annual inflation regulation target of around 3 percent for 2017.

Relationship will provide Chinese audiences with instructional training for a variety of sports

18 MARCH 2016 – BEIJING, CHINA – Sina Sports announced today it has entered into a strategic relationship with IMG Academy to provide Ch. Cheap Bears Jerseys Cheap Vikings Jerseys Cheap Tennessee Titans Jerseys Wholesale Steelers Jerseys Wholesale Seahawks Jerseys Wholesale Redskin Jerseys Wholesale Rams Jerseys Wholesale Raiders Jerseys Wholesale New England Patriots Jerseys Wholesale New York Jets Jerseys

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