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NAIROBI nike air max ireland , May 22 (Xinhua) -- They are expected to lead Kenya's charge at the World Marathon Championships in Beijing in August, but the trio will have a test run, albeit over a 10km distance, in New York on June 13 to gauge their fitness.

New York Marathon champion Mary Keitany, Boston winner Caroline Rotich, and double World marathon champion Edna Kiplagat, all from Kenya nike air max plus tn womens , will lead a distinguished field of professional women representing 10 countries at the 2015 Oakley New York Mini 10K on June 13.

Peter Ciaccia, president of events for New York Road Runners, said the trio has all confirmed participation. It will be their final event before focusing on training for the World Championships in Beijing.

"We are excited to welcome such an elite field," said Ciaccia in a statement received in Nairobi Friday. "This race has always been a celebration of the power of women in sport, and this year's edition might be our best ever."

Keitany, who is seeking her first world title, was fourth at the London Olympics and wants to improve to gold in Beijing.

"It will be team work and I'm ready if selected to run in Beijing. It is the biggest event for me nike air max plus ireland ," said the 33-year-old, who won the defending champion of the New York City Marathon with a time of 2:25:07.

"I'm very happy to run again in New York, the place where I made my comeback marathon after maternity and was one of the best days of my career," she said. "I know that my competitors will be the top 10K runners in the world, but I hope to be able to make my race for the win again."

Rotich, 31, who lives and trains in Santa Fe nike air vapormax ireland , USA, is the reigning Boston Marathon champion. In addition to her 2015 Boston Marathon win, the 2013 Prague Marathon champion has had three other top-five finishes in World Marathon Majors races.

"I am very excited to return to New York City," said Rotich. "I have always enjoyed racing there and love the energy of the city. I look forward to joining all the other women at the Oakley New York Mini 10K next month."

Kiplagat, 35, is a two-time IAAF World Marathon Championships gold medalist (2011, 2013) cheap nike air presto , and the only woman in history to successfully defend her title at that event. She wants a third shot at the title in Beijing.

"The New York Mini 10K is one of my favorite races, and I've always had good results there," said Kiplagat. "It is one of the few times every year that we have the opportunity to run in a women's-only race."

A still from Family on the Go. Photo: CFP

TV host and translator Michael Bueckers spent Monday morning with 10 other foreign experts at the Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio. Together, they dubbed a five-minute long animated video, which introduces the dubbing process used by Chinese producers for over 60 years.The video was divided into several parts, with each part dubbed into a single foreign language: English, Indonesian nike air presto ireland , Czech, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Swahili. Even though the translation of the script was completed in advance, the recording still took the group more than two hours. The entire recording process was part of an experiment in trying to find better ways to dub Chinese works into foreign languages.

A difficult task

Bueckers handled the English dub. Hailing from the US, he has lived in China for over 13 years and speaks fluent Chinese. Translating the script for Chinese series Moment in Peking into English, he was also the dubbing director and a voice actor for the Chinese TV series Police Stories of Yingpan Town cheap nike air vapormax flyknit , the English version of which has been broadcast in several countries in Africa and South Asia.

"I have not seen many people who dub Chinese works into English in China. There is almost nobody, maybe one or two," Beuckers told the Global Times. "The reason being that there isn't much demand and the cost of dubbing is high."

From what Beuckers has seen, most American viewers aren't used to watching dubbed TV shows or films. Most prefer reading subtitles, since they are afraid of losing the original flavor when it comes to the emotion and tones of actors. "If our dubbing techniques can reach international standards, maybe American viewers will prefer watching dubbed works," Beuckers added.

The Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio has had great success translating and dubbing works from 20 languages and more than 40 countries into Chinese. Now cheap nike air max 97 , it is trying to export Chinese works in a way that will attract foreign viewers.

A long journey

When Chinese audiovisual works first tried going abroad, they did so by attending international film festivals. However, the first attempt by a Chinese movie to go abroad was not successful. Chinese film Ren Sheng, produced by the Xi'an Film Studio, was submitted for the 1985 Oscar Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but it went home without even a nomination. According to Li Yizhong, vice chairman of the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art and dean of the Department of Film and Television of Shanghai Jiaotong University nike air max 97 ireland , this was partly due to the studio's lack of understanding of the competition's rules and regulations.

In 1985, the Chen Kaige directed film Yellow Earth won a number of international prizes including the Silver Leopard Prize at the 38th Locarno International Film Festival. It was the first Chinese movie to succeed overseas, Li said.

In 1988, Chinese film Red Sorghum opened the window for Chinese films at international film festivals. Directed by Zhang Yimou, the film won the Golden Bear for Best Picture at the 38th Berlin International Film Festival, making the director famous worldwide. In 2004, his film Hero also became a hit in American commercial cinemas. Many in the US media called it one of China's most successful cultural exports.

In the 1990s cheap nike air max tn , China began to cooperate with international media corporations to translate and dub its TV and film works into foreign languages..

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