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File photo of Taiping Island Puma Suede White , Taiwan, China
Countries outside the South China Sea are expected to play a constructive role in the regional issue and not "create trouble", Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday in a message analysts said was aimed at Washington.

Speaking to the second round of the China-Australia Diplomatic and Strategic Dialogue in Sydney on Sunday, Wang said China understands why countries that are far from the actual areas of tension would express concern Puma Shoes White , but hopefully, those countries will "play a constructive role rather than create trouble".

China and the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are able to maintain peace, stability and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, Wang said Puma Platform Black , according to a statement on the Foreign Ministry's website.

Wang did not mention any country by name in the statement.

His comments came less than a month after Beijing accused the United States at an ASEAN regional forum of deliberately stoking tensions in the area.

The comments also coincided with US national security adviser Susan Rice's visit to China, her first trip to the country in that post. She is expected to meet President Xi Jinping and Wang in Beijing.

Zhang Jiuhuan, a former Chinese ambassador to Thailand and Singapore, said Wang's remarks were primarily directed at the US.

Washington's Asia pivot and stance over territorial issues in the region have emboldened some countries to challenge China's legal rights and ratchet up tensions Puma Classic Black , Zhang said.

The US has stepped up its tone on the South China Sea since US President Barack Obama's Asian trip in April, especially regarding the Beijing-Hanoi row over a Chinese oil rig in the sea, which sparked fatal anti-China riots in Vietnam in May.

The US also has been active in strengthening its military ties with countries such as the Philippines, which have competing territorial claims with China in the South China Sea. Manila is seeking international arbitration in its disputes with China.

A senior US State Department official who declined to be named said in August that Washington "will also be monitoring the actual situation around the rocks Puma Suede Black , reefs, and shoals in the South China Sea".

Wang called on Sunday for respect for the combined efforts of China and ASEAN to resolve the issues, adding that direct dialogue and consultation between the countries involved has proved in the past to be the most effective way to resolve areas of concern.

Gong Yingchun, an associate professor of international law at China Foreign Affairs University Puma Shoes Black , said Beijing is urging Washington not to meddle with the South China Sea issue again as tension has somewhat eased recently.

China and some Southeast Asian countries have seen progress in diminishing the tension, and discussions on a code of conduct between countries in the sea are continuing, even though it is a long-running process, Gong said.

MADRID Puma Platform Shoes , June 15 (Xinhua) -- Although the dust has hardly settled on the Spanish football season several clubs have been quick off the mark in order to strengthen their squads for next season.

Recently promoted Real Betis have signed former Dutch international midfielder, Rafael Van der Vaart who returns to Spain after having played for Tottenham and Hamburg. Van der Vaart had a brief spell with Real Madrid, although his form has dropped off recently.

European League Champions Sevilla have announced that winger Jose Antonio Reyes has agreed terms to extend his contract at the club for a further two seasons, while veteran Portuguese midfielder Duda has renewed for a further year with Malaga.

Valencia have signed striker Rodrigo from Benfica after the player Puma Classic Shoes , who made his debut with the Spanish national team this season, impressed during a year on loan in which he made 31 appearances scoring three goals.

Rodrigo has agreed a four-year deal until the end of June 2019 as his side prepares to return to the Champions League next season.

Finally the Spanish press report that FC Barcelona have agreed terms to extend the contract of Brazilian striker Neymar after the Copa America and the elections for the club presidency, which at the moment look likely to lead to the re-election of Josep Maria Bartomeu as club president. Enditem

Foxconn Technology Group has seen its December revenues slump by a fifth and full-year sales miss expectations.

The results follow concerns regarding slowing shipments of Apple's latest iPhone 6S models, which Foxconn assembles.

Analysts say the results could be an indicator of demand for Apple's products in the first quarter of this year.

Taiwan-based Foxconn reported December revenue of 12 billion US dollars Puma Suede Shoes , down just over 20 percent compared with both a year ago and November.

In 2015, its revenue moved up 6 percent, below analysts' expectations for an annual gain of 7 percent.


by Levi J Parsons

SYDNEY, March 10 (Xinhua) -- As electricity prices rise, more and more rural businesses in the Australian state of Queensland are having to turn to heavy polluting diesel generators to power their farms and businesses.

Over the past eight years, electricity prices in Queensland have skyrocketed around 150 percent, forcing many business to go off the grid.

"Back in 2007, our power bill was around 100,000-110,000 Australian dollars (75,000-82,500 U.S. dollars) per year. It's now over 350,000 Australian dollars per year (263,00 U.S.dollars)," auto parts manufacturer Glen Dobinson explained to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"I feel like we are going back to the future, it feels like we're going backwards."

In 2008, the network projected demand to grow rapidly. So providers invested heavily in infrastructure and generation plants.

The decision however, ended up being a huge.

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