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Someone once said that people are products of society. This is true because outside the home Authentic Nelson Agholor Jersey , friends influence the person and this could either mean doing some good or bad things.

In the end, whatever happens outside comes back into the home. Teachers will probably talk to the parents to update the his or her development in the school. The worse can scenario is being called to the precinct to pick up the teen.

Many people will say that parents should be blamed should the child go astray. This is partly true given that these people are the legal guardians. Letting the child know how valuable that person is being a member of the family can prevent this.

It is not enough to just say, "I love you." Parents should do more by spending more time and getting involved in some of the activities that the teen is doing. Mom or dad can encourage the person to practice harder learning an instrument, while participating in a sport or working on a piece of art work.

Parents should also be there to not only talk but also to listen to the teen. There are a lot of things that happen to an individual during the puberty and the best source of information should come from the parents and not from television Authentic Mack Hollins Jersey , friends or the Internet.

When the child is still an infant, parents need to hold on to make sure he or she does not fall. As a grownup, this isn't needed anymore so part of building self esteem among teens is to learning to trust certain decisions.

Empowerment is a word used very often in the workplace. This is when people are assigned a task with minimal supervision but in the event are able to deliver the desired results. Years from now, the teen will join the workforce and before that happens Authentic Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , one of best things that parents can give is empowerment to make certain decisions.

Not everyone may be that self confident compared to others so parents can help along by helping the teen find that forte. If the person is good with electronics, perhaps the son or daughter can become an engineer. Those who are good in the sciences can become a doctor.

These are just two examples of what could happen to a teen by fostering such talents now with the end result ten or fifteen years from now.

Parents will not be able to make the teen always do everything which is perhaps because of free will. Mom or dad should just say something and then it is up to the teen what to do next.

This may be whether the teen has a shot at being a member of the varsity team or what school and course the teenager would like to take up in college. These are big decisions and those who are mature enough will be to overcome the challenges.

With great power comes responsibility. Parents should instill that in the minds of the teens that the decisions made are things that the individual will have to live with. The person is the only one that can control his or her destiny.

There is no magic solution in helping a teen build up that self esteem. Parents, teachers, friends and the person will just have to hope for the best.

NEW DELHI Authentic Rasul Douglas Jersey , May 4 (Xinhua) -- The Indian media is facing severe criticism from Nepalese social media for its coverage of the earthquake, said local daily The Hindu Monday.

Describing their reports as "relentless and aggressive", the Nepalese social media users said in over 60,000 tweets that Indian media were treating the tragedy as a "public relations exercise" on behalf of the Indian government Authentic Sidney Jones Jersey , according to the report.

On Sunday evening, #GoHomeIndianMedia, created on Twitter by Nepalese, led the criticism of Indian media's "insensitive" reportage of the worst earthquake to hit the Himalayan nation in 80 years.

Indian media coverage was "largely responsible" for how the rest of the world saw the Nepal tragedy and even influencing global response Authentic Derek Barnett Jersey , according to the report.

"(Indian) media humiliated poor Nepal in order to take credit and cheap publicity in the hour of crisis," said one tweet.

In a blog published on CNN, Sunita Shakya of Nepali origin wrote, "Your (Indian) media and media personnel are acting like they are shooting some kind of family serials."

She also described a couple of instances where she said the reporter did not do enough to help the injured person in need.

Some tweets said Nepal is a sovereign country and not a " satellite state" of India.

"Dear@narendramodi our Dharahara may have fallen not our sovereignty! Sincerely Nepalese #GoHomeIndianMedia Carson Wentz Jersey ," said one tweet while another sarcastically said, "Mr. @narendramodi please call your media back. They r just hurting us more."

The Dharahara is a 19th century tower which overlooked Kathmandu. It collapsed on April 25 when the quake struck.

Ajay Bhadra Khanal, a veteran Nepalese journalist, was quoted as saying that the Indian media's "aggressive presence" and the way it was highlighting only New Delhi's role in rescue and relief efforts has affected the perception among Nepalese of the Indian government.

Royal Home Movies Reveal Happy Childhood

Rare footage of the Queen and other members of the royal family growing up has been released to mark the start of a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace.

The home videos show the earliest footage of a young Princess Elizabeth with her mother as well as footage a few years later of a teenage Princess and her sister Isaac Seumalo Jersey , Margaret, dancing on board a ship alongside the Queen Mother and governess Marion Crawford.

In another clip, Prince Philip can be seen riding a tricycle alongside a young Princess Anne on her bike, closely followed by Prince Charles on an orange toy tractor.

The film accompanies 150 other items charting the early years of 25 royal children in a new exhibition called Royal Childhood which opens at Buckingham Palace on Saturday.

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