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British media have disclosed that the origins of the conflict because Mourinho dissatisfied with Manchester City players wantonly celebrated in the locker room, and broke into the Manchester City locker room, it led to the subsequent conflict. In response, the Kua Shuai, who was not involved in the conflict at the time Laurent Brossoit Jersey, responded: "No, I do not intend to comment on this. We won a Derby and why do people expect us not to celebrate? No, we celebrate when Manchester United beat Arsenal, they also celebrate ... We've tried our best to celebrate in the locker room ... That's right, we're jumped because we're happy, and of course, at that moment, we want to celebrate.

Liverpool want to end home even level: the last round of Merseyside Derby, Liverpool 1-1 draw with Everton at Anfield, two consecutive home Liverpool only get a draw Boyd Gordon Jersey. The campaign Liverpool will continue to play at home against West Bromwich Albion, Klopp hopes to lead the end of even the level. The Reds have always been strong at Anfield, losing the last time they dropped eight months ago. They lost only three goals at home this season, losing the ball at least with Manchester United and Burnley Connor McDavid Jersey.

Mourinho and Guardiola have been acquainted with for more than 20 years: in 1996, Jose Mourinho, 33, became an assistant coach in Barcelona, ??while Guardiola, then 25, was a Catalan giants Midfielder licensing. In the first season of their encounter, Barcelona won the Spanish Kings, the Spanish Super Cup and the European Cup Winner Triple Crown Iiro Pakarinen Jersey. At that time, Jose Mourinho and Guardiola are Barcelona's humerus minister: the former assistant to England's famous old Robson, while the latter combed in the pitch red and blue army offensive and defensive conversion.

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