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MADRID Women's Eddie Goldman Jersey , Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoyused his appearance at an event in the north of Spain to rebutcriticism of the Spanish tourism sector.

Rajoy highlighted that tourism contributes 11 percent of Spain'sGDP, while employing 13 percent of the workforce.

""I never thought I would have to defend the Spanish touristsector. It is something that is unheard of,"" he said, adding theincidents ""could only be carried out by people who are highlyradicalized,"" and that they serve to damage Spain's imageabroad.

Rajoy was speaking in the wake of some isolated incidents inBarcelona, which saw anarchist groups attack a tourist bus, spraypainting on its windows, as well as slashing the tires of bicyclesrented to tourists, as well as bursting into a restaurant beforeletting off firecrackers and throwing confetti over diners.

The incidents in Barcelona have been replicated in the Basqueregion where radical groups have also painted slogans protesting atthe excessive numbers of visitors.

Spain has seen a huge growth in visitor numbers, with non-stopgrowth in visitor numbers in the past seven years and while 2015saw 68 million tourists visit Spain, that number is expected torise to around 84 million in the current year.

One place where visitor numbers won't be rising in the future isthe Balearic Islands where the regional government on Tuesdayapproved a new law to limit the number of holidaymakers visitingthe popular holiday destinations of Mallorca and Ibiza.

The new law will cap the number of tourist beds at 623,624 forthe two islands, while people attempting to rent out unlicensedproperties will face fines of up to 400,000 euros (469,416 U.S.dollars) in what the island's tourism minister Biel Barcelodescribed as attempt to ""bring order"" to the sector. Enditem

" In order to build a character of a man, it is said that education is indeed very necessary in one’s own life. There are several ways through which you can make your child’s character good, but probably education is the most perfect way. It teaches all kinds of features to your child and makes him or her ready to face the battle in future. It is not at all easy to be at the best position as it really requires a great deal of effort from all sides to do. It is the joint effort of parents and teachers that help to build up a character of a child. There are several kinds of problems that you can face in your life, but these can be dealt with utter intelligence and effort. This feature develops from education and that to a greater extent.

Why do you look for a good primary institution?

It is necessary to search for a good primary educational centre as this is the most essential stage of a child’s life and a child can develop only when this step is taken in the right order. If the base is stronger, then the building stands in the right order. These days, the internet is there for you as your best guide. You can search for all the schools in the internet and can look for the best one among them. There are different types of primary schools available in the cities, but you will have to be aware about them by querying about their quality of education, which is the most important one to know.

There are several features that are being taught in the elementary schools and are important to build the road for the future. To teach a child is not that easy, but the process can be dealt with the most experienced people, who can take the right step. Since the children are not at all easy to be handled, so there needs a good amount of effort from one’s side to deal with the children. It is important to know their psychology and deal with them in that order. You will have to learn the process from different experienced people. It is said that if the initial step is right, then you can expect to have better result later on. Thus, based on this formula, you can deal with everything in the right order. You can go for the admission of your child in the Best Primary School Abu Dhabi has. This will help to shape their future in the better way.

Where can you find these schools?

You can find these schools in various places and some of these are within your city only. You can search in the internet or can ask some known ones about the experience of their children. You can follow the British Curriculum Schools Abu Dhabi has as these ones have good syllabus and prepares your kid in an order to face the tough competition of the world tomorrow.
Why are photography courses London such a good idea?
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What sorts of things can they teach you on photography courses London?
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