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VIENTIANE, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- The Lao Asia-Pacific Satellite signed an agreement with the AEK Group on Tuesday to start providing HD satellite TV programs to customers in Laos.

There are 60 TV channels, including six Lao channels and others from foreign countries.

It is the first time that Lao people receive the Laosat HD satellite TV signals through the Lao Sat-1 satellite, the first satellite of the country.

The deal will also encourage people to comply with the regulations and purchase only legal satellite dishes. Currently there are a number of illegal satellite dishes for sale in local markets.

Lao Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) issued a request letter calling for the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance to block any imports of illegal satellite receivers whose importers have not been granted permission from the MPT.

However, the ministry does not plan to collect or remove those satellite receivers that are being sold from local markets, saying that the latest move is just to block further unlawful imports.

After the Lao Sat-1 was launched in November 2015, its operations were trialed for about two months and began commercial services in mid-March 2016. Enditem

HONG KONG Athletics Reggie Jackson Jersey , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- A total of 18 illegal workers and five suspected employers have been arrested in a series of enforcement operations this week, the Immigration Department (ImmD) of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government announced Thursday.

In an operation codenamed "Twilight," the ImmD Task Force officers raided 21 target locations including restaurants, a beauty center Athletics Matt Joyce Jersey , retail shops, a garbage collection depot, a residential building and an industrial building. Seven illegal workers and four employers were arrested.

In a joint operation with the Hong Kong Police Force codenamed "Champion," enforcement officers raided 27 target locations in Tuen Mun in the New Territories Athletics Mark McGwire Jersey , including a food processing factory, warehouses and industrial buildings. Seven illegal workers and an employer were arrested.

In another joint operation "Windsand," four visitors were arrested for breaching their conditions of stay by being involved in suspected parallel goods trading.

"Any person who contravenes a condition of stay in force in respect of him shall be guilty of an offence. Also, visitors are not allowed to take employment in Hong Kong Athletics Marcus Semien Jersey , whether paid or unpaid, without the permission of the Director of Immigration," an ImmD spokesman said.

"Offenders are liable to prosecution and upon conviction face a maximum fine of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 6 Athletics Jose Canseco Jersey ,374 U.S. dollars) and up to two years' imprisonment. Aiders and abettors are also liable to prosecution and penalties," the spokesman added.

Xi meets Singaporean PM on advancing ties

China Focus: Beijing-Shanghai railway speed rises to 350 kph

Autumn senery of Huma County in NE China's Heilongjiang

Zhoushan Int'l Sand Sculpture Festival held in E China's Zhejiang

Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

Wildlife paradise: Changtang National Nature Reserve in China's Tibet

PLA Navy frigates introduced to visitors at Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Aviation Expo China 2017 held in Beijing

Seven more bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel after it collided with a tanker early Thursday, bringing the total death toll to 13 Athletics Joe Morgan Jersey , according to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka.

The fishing vessel from the Chinese mainland collided with a tanker of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursday in international waters some 400 km north of the Oki Islands in western Japan.

Earlier, one of the 16 crew members on board of the fishing vessel was found dead, three were rescued by nearby fishing vessels, while 12 others were missing.

Three patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard have begun work since early Friday with frogmen sent to search for the missing people Athletics Jed Lowrie Jersey , said the consulate general.

Five bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel on Friday morning and seven more were found in the afternoon.

The bodies have been transferred to another Chinese fishing vessel nearby.

The consulate general said it will continue to keep contact with the Japanese side to coordinate for the follow-up issues.

Earlier report:

Five people have been confirmed dead after a collision between a Chinese mainland fishing boat and a Hong Kong oil tanker, China Central Television reported on Friday.

The clash took place early Thursday morning in the international waters 400 kilometers north of Ja-pan's Oki Islands, Shimane prefecture.

Four people have been rescued as of Friday noon.

After receiving search requests from the Chinese side, the Japanese Coast Guard dispatched three pa-trol boats to the waters and discovered five victims' bodies inside the fishing boat Lurong Yuanyu 378. The bodies were tranferred to a nearby Chinese fishing boat to be identified.

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka Athletics Glenn Hubbard Jersey , 16 people were on the fishing boat when the clash took place and the consulate has already initiated a contingency plan to continue carrying out the rescue mission.

The 21 crewmembers of the oil tanker Brightoil Lucky, which was on its way to the Russian oil port of Kozmino at the time of the collision, were reportedly unharmed.

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