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LONDON Carl Nassib Jersey , May 18 (Xinhua) -- British Prime Minister Theresa Maytold the country's 46 million voters Thursday of the policies herConservative Party would adopt over the coming five years.

May followed the example of her main rivals, the Labour Party,by heading to the industrial north of England to unveil her party'slong awaited party manifesto.

Protestors gathered outside the industrial mill chosen as thelaunch venue for May's keynote speech, many chantinganti-government messages and waving banners objecting toConservative party proposals.

Covering the National Health Service (NHS), social care, theeconomy, immigration and changes to pensions for the elderly Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , Mayspelt out five main commitments container in her manifesto dealingwith a strong economy, Britain's departure from the European Union(Brexit), social provision, an ageing society and fast-changingtechnology.

"The next five years will be among the most challenging in ourlifetime, a turning point for Britain," said May.

Saying she was presenting herself to the people of Britain astheir prime minister, May said her manifesto would see the countrythrough Brexit and beyond. She described it as a vision forBritain.

May also said it would be a defining moment for Britain Corey Coleman Jersey , and achance to step back and ask what kind of country people wanted tobuild together.

"Let us be in no doubt it will not be easy, there will beobstacles in the way, and many willing us to fail," said May.

She said the central challenge is negotiating Brexit and havingthe strongest hand, adding: "If we fail the consequences forBritain will be dire. If we succeed the opportunities ahead of uswill be great. If we get Brexit right we can use this moment ofchange. That is the real prize, because for too many people life issimply much harder than many seem to realise."

In her speech May made hardly any references to the details ofthe next Conservative government outlined in the manifesto. Shereferred to the government introducing the first mental health billfor 30 years to end the stigma of mental health.

In media questions later, May responded by expanding on hervision for Britain Zane Gonzalez Jersey , again giving little detail.

She made brief reference to what is seen as a controversialproposal, ending a guaranteed annual increase in pensioners forolder people, known as the triple lock.

In the election campaign May has sought to appeal to traditionalLabour voters, often by making excursions to northern England, homeof the working classes.

May smiled as one journalist asked her if she was proud of hernew monicker (nickname), the Red Tory, a reference to the brandcolor of the Labour Party.

The manifesto pledges to reduce annual net migration to the tensof thousands Howard Wilson Jersey , with students be expected to leave the country at theend of their course unless they meet new "higher" requirementsallowing them to stay. Overseas students will remain in theimmigration statistics, despite pleas by university authorities toexclude them from immigration figures.

The blueprint also says spending on defense will be increased byat least 0.5 percent more than inflation every year, with acommitment to meet the NATO target of spending at least 2 percentof GDP on defense.

The manifesto also says the amount of money people can earnbefore paying any income tax will raise to 12,500 pounds (16,300U.S. dollars) and corporation tax paid by businesses will fall to17 percent by 2020. There will also be a review of rates paid bybusinesses.

On transport, the manifesto backs the expansion of London'sHeathrow airport where there are controversial proposals for athird runway.

The manifesto pledges an extra 8 billion British pounds (10.41billion U.S. dollars) for the NHS and raise the cost of carethreshold to 100,000 British pounds (130 Larry Ogunjobi Jersey ,140 U.S. dollars) toensure older people can stay in their own homes in their lateryears.

Free school lunches for infants in England will be scrapped, butthere will be free breakfasts across the primary aged pupils.Enditem

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