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oyal mermaid into the dungeon, and the Queen Lucy is still alive and dead. The mermaid country is about to die and the mermaid will die. The underwater world will be dry. After talking about the mermaid, they have no choice but to swim. Meng Yi was in a daze, took a road and shaken Meng Yi, Meng Yi woke up, no direction to swim, suddenly they found a magnificent cave Meng Yi and took the road to swim in and did not knock, they opened Take the road to tell Meng Yi that this is the cave of the god of fate, they can tell us how to defeat the aunt Mei Ji, "Ruo Ying" god of fate called Meng Yi come in. Who is Ruoying? I am Meng Yi, not called Ruo Ying. Meng Yi went in for a visit, and Princess Ying Ying asked, Meng Yi said: "I am not Ruo Ying, I am Meng Yi, the daughter of the five princesses of the heavenly court, the mermaid princess and the butterfly fairy Marlboro Cigarettes Price, the princess princess, the moon goddess. You said that if you are!" The goddess who is a little shorter said: "You are Ruo Ying, the Queen of the Queen of Lucy, who has been separated for a long time. The prince of Nalu is the son of Princess Yuyin. Because the king is patriarchal, the Princess of Heaven and the Princess of Yuyin have changed with Lucy. The respective children, Princess Yuyin helped you change the name: Meng Yi. Meng Yi listened to the sudden realization, Ting Ru (God of Destiny) told Meng Yi Mei Ji��s daughter, Nari, is a beautiful, good and evil, brave mermaid, but Mei Ji stopped the growth of Na Li, making Nali only six-year-old children Cigarettes For Sale. Height, Nali is the child of Mei Ji and others, and Nali has human legs and mermaid scales. You only need to go to the moon island of Shili Gallery to find Nari. Meng Yi and Nalu came home and prepared some things. The next day, I went to Shili Gallery to find Nari. This day, Mengyi was particularly beautiful. She wore a white crystal dress with a white hair mask and a crystal original around her eyes. The film, wearing a crystal pendant, today is a special person. More beautiful than mermaid. Traveling, they finally arrived at Yuebo Island. Suddenly Mengyi swam a small child in front of him, and Mengyi��s crystal pendant shook. The person in front of him is Nali, Mengyi uses magic to turn Nali into the height of an 18-year-old child. The condition of Nali makes Naru and Mengyi surprised Cheap Cigarettes. Nali is wearing wheat bran, rice stalk. The skirt is pitiful, but beautiful and beautiful. Mengyi puts her lavender clothes on Na Li, and Nali has changed. She is very happy with Nalu and Mengyi. Nali tells Meng Yi and takes the road to defeat. Mei Ji must have the magic crown made of Lingquan Baoyu, and the fish scales of her own (Nalili) to be a magical skirt. However, it is not easy for Nali to take the fish scales of Naili in the state of semi-mermaid. Meng Yi listened to her mermaid magic and turned Na Li into a mermaid with silver-white fish scales. Nari endured the pain that ordinary people could not bear. Meng Yi took down the twelve fish scales of Nali and took them again. Li became a semi-mermaid state, and gave a handful of roses to Nali. Nali followed Meng Yi and took the road to take Lingquan Baoyu Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. As soon as she arrived at a beautiful woman in Zimei Cliff, she was a group of people who dreamed of Mengyi. I found out: "Whoever dared to sing the purple cliff, pick up the move!" Meng Yi explained before, the woman said: "If Princess Ying Ying has been offended, the sound rain asks the princess to forgive." Meng Yi was shocked. Where is the sound rain Lingquan Baoyu? Back to the princess, Lingquan Baoyu is in the niece's maiden, the princess, you are the descendant of the niece, but you can't accompany you, the princess, where is your token? Meng Yi shook his head on the pendant, and the sound rain brought Meng Yi to a place called Qi Liuya. Meng Yi took the pendant off the door and opened the door. It was a fierce giant, Meng Yi took The Moonlight Sword and the Giants struggled to subdue the giant python, Mengyi successfully got the Lingquan Baoyu Cigarettes Cheaper, Mengyi returned to the mermaid kingdom, Meiji proudly walked out, Mengyi saw the sword and spurred Mei Ji, Mei Ji protects herself with a magic cover, Meng Yi takes out Lingquan Baoyu and subdues Mei Ji. Lingquan Baoyu sucks into the evil spirits and needs to be purified. Meng Yi cuts off her own fish scales, and Mei Ji becomes better. The mermaid world has become more beautiful. Soon Mei Ji gave birth to a cute little baby named Yi Lu. Nalili also married a baby named Lu Yi. Meng Yi and Nalu are also married. They also have two lively and lovely little babies. If they want to make a road called Noro, they are happy and happy.

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