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There are always some good and bad changes in the MapleStory, such as Nebulites and Bonus systems, we believe that Nexon wish to deliver us a much better Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos, but sometimes what they did is contrary to what they wish.

With the debut of Hard Damien Hard Lotus, and Hard Lucid Flames of Rebirth is growing more and more reasonable due to the fact there's a lack of accessibility of other systems such as Nebulites and Bonus . If you haven't caught on by now both of those systems has a pay-to-win wall which blocks the average player.

Flames of Rebirth is also much more accessible than Flames, Nebulites and Bonus Potential and more free-to-play. In fact, Flames of Rebirth was present but most of it's been disabled manually. There are tons of gear in Luna which proves further that GMS technically could have Flames if Nexon America decided to.

Assume an participant does have Bonus Possible and their Nebulites. How many of these can group up together and combat the top 3 managers? I would say it's a chance, it unrealistic for the average player. Participants have suggested revamps to systems such as getting access to Nebulites and Bonus Possible via Reward Official MapleStory 2 Wiki Shop, but that hasn't happened despite the fact threads were produced within the past couple of years.

I also doubt that GMS will reduce the current bosses' HP, or apply the above tips. Evidence is within the Kanna nerf. They would instead of solving the issue as a region 17, from another area. As there are no changes to Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid from any other servers besides KMS that makes it easier we have until KMS affects it. What's more unfortunate is that their Bonus Potential is more accessible due to having a far more stable market than GMS.

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