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In fact, the most important point of the ecological campus is less pollution and more greening. Our school is green everywhere Marlboro Red 100S, and there was no life and a bare scene in March. Just arrived in April, the leaves popped out like a slap in the face of being enchanted. People can't help but feel a shock. There are also many unknown little yellow flowers. Their petals are long, only one layer, and they look far away, like a beautiful yellow butterfly resting on it to smell a touch of floral fragrance.are also many nurseries on campus. Now the school has assigned a small plot to each class, and the class can decide what to plant based on the situation of its class. This time, the class can be lively, some people propose to grow amaranth, some people say green onions Cigarettes Online, and some say cucumbers... But because the class is not very good, after many consultations, our class decided to plant a strong life. Just do it, I saw the big guys tumbling, smashing stones, sprinkling water Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and then sprinkling the seeds of the scorpion sponsored by the classmates. Every seed in it carries the hope of six (4) classes, and every land has left our sweat and laughter. Other classes have also set off a breeding ground: strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, gain in paying. Everyone��s efforts were not in vain, and now the field is full of small sprouts. In the process of planting land, although it is hard, it has added new vitality to the campus. Oh, the bright red flag is rising Online Cigarettes, and our lovely campus will become more beautiful and more harmonious Marlboro Gold Pack.

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