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The eventwas originally referred to as the Birmingham Half Marathon John Kelly Jersey Elite , with the inauguralevent in 2008, followed by the incorporation of the World Half MarathonChampionships in 2009. The event was later renamed the Bupa Great Birmingham Run聽ahead of 2011.

The currentrecord for the men聮s event stands at just over one hour, set last year, withthe women聮s fastest time standing at just over one hour and twelve minutes.

The course weavesacross the city and takes in some of the most iconic landmarks Birmingham hasto offer, including a charity cheering bus located between the fifth and sixthmile markers.

Both professionalsand amateurs will have been preparing hard for the event and hoping to stayclear of running injuries Authentic Keke Coutee Jersey , a problem encountered by every sportsman. Sometimes injuriesare unavoidable and with only a few days left everyone will be hoping to makethe start line for a gruelling thirteen miles around the city.

Different types of running injuries

Running injuriestypically result from overuse where a person pushes themselves too far whichleads to an injury, whether muscle or joint based. Each injury has a varyingdegree of severity attached which can result from a few days out of action tofailing to make the start line.

Running injuriesare primarily located in the lower body, whether ankle or knee joint complaintsor strains or tears of the hamstring or calf. The hamstring for example, hasthree different grade of severity attached to it. A grade one injury shouldremedy itself within a few days, whereas a grade three can cause noticeableswelling and bruising and even require surgery to repair the muscle.

The mainproblem most runners face is the impact damage on the joints from running onconcrete Justin Jones Super Bowl LI Jersey , which can lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee inthe future. In the short term however common complaints include runners knee andshin splints.

Runners kneeresults from overuse, with many complaining of a grating sensation beneath theknee cap which can be very uncomfortable. A patient may also experienceinflammation and will find running increasingly difficult, therefore rest isessential. Shin splints are set of running injuries sustained, with pain andinflammation located at the front of the leg along the Tibia. Pain can eitherstrike during exercise or shortly afterwards, beginning as a dull ache. In bothcases it is essential to stop training straight away to minimise the damagecaused.

How to manage running injuries

The mostimportant thing to remember following any injury is to stop what you are doingand rest. This doesn聮t necessarily mean you need to stop exercising Wholesale Saquon Barkley Jersey , just restthe art which hurts. If you injure your ankle or knee running then you canstill consider swimming or riding a bike as these involve a reduced amount ofpressure on the lower joints and is a non-weight bearing activity.

The majorityof running injuries picked up on the road are self-limiting and will healwithin a few days. If things don聮t start to get better then you should seek aprofessional diagnosis as further rehabilitation may be required, either in theform of physiotherapy or even surgery. Surgery on any injury is a last resort,though will require an extended period of time on the side lines.

Another optionwhich you can consider in managing running injuries聽is the use of a sports brace or support, which are availablefor all manner of sports injuries from a sprained ankle to a runners knee to ashoulder injury. A sports brace is designed to offer the patient additional supportduring mobility, offering them the confidence to remain active. If you consideran ankle brace it can offer the patient compression to help manage inflammationand pain as well as additional level of support to prevent unnatural movementswithout hindering flexibility.Bild

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