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Everyone has an ego, and this includes your interviewer. I stop and just kind of stare for a second, more curious than anything, then I think: "well maybe he just wearing a mask or something", and I ask if he can move over and let me in the bathroom, but then this other kid comes out and asks who I talking to, right as he walks through the faceless guy.

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One of the worst things a BASE jumper can do is something that will make jumps more difficult for other jumpers. She has to be aware of the physical, cognitive and social develpoment of her child as well as it's adolescent development. Another time a bronze collosus attacked my fortress; I managed to catch him in a trap and through a great deal of dwarven engineering turned him into a nigh unstoppable fortress defense robot who would repell any and all orc attacks before being lured back into his receptable with a disposable kitten.

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