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Lieben Herzlichen Dank an Dich, Hubertus, für Deinen vorbildlichen Einsatz !!
So gewinnt man ein Stück seines Lebens wieder zurück, auch wenn man nicht all sein Geschwätz von gestern wieder lesen möchte :-)

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Moin Wolkenkind,

herzlich willkommen!

Hab auch genau in diesem Forum damals meine ersten staksigen Posts getan und ich sag Dir, spätestens nach dem 5. Post haste dann Routine! Schön, dass Du nun "on" dabei bist! Freu mich...


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Hallo liebe Leute,

Soeben habe ich nach längerer Pause mal wieder versucht, die Mars-Venusseite aufzurufen.
Und siehe da, "freu", sie existiert wieder!!!! :))))))

Das war ja ein richtiger Schock damals, als diese Seite plötzlich verschwunden war!
Habe oft an euch, an die Seite hier gedacht, und vermisst.

Freut mich wirklich riesig, dass Ihr wieder da seit :))).

Herzlich, enia

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Wollt grad mal meine alten Beiträge hier lesen, finde aber nur noch einen kleinen Teil davon.
Ich habe euch hier doch seitenweise über meinen Liebeskummer erzählt ;).
Ist das alles nicht mehr vorhanden?

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Hallo Enia,
ich glaube mich an dein Liebesleid zu erinnern. Du bist aus der Schweiz, nicht wahr?
Kurzfassung: es ging um einen Mann der mit dir in Therapie war, daraus wurde aber nichts, dann lerntest du einen Anderen, ich glaube über's Internet, kennen. Ich hoffe ich liege jetzt nicht völlig falsch?
Wenn du magst, dann erzähl doch mal was sich in der Zwischenzeit bei dir so ereignet hat.

Stimmt, die letzten Beiträge, also bevor das Forum verschwand sind fast alle weg, leider.

Liebe Grüße,

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ja, dieses Forum war mal ein Backup bzw. während des Umzugs kurz aktiv. Ein Zwischenteil der Beiträge fehlt leider. Sorry.

Sapere Aude!

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Still not a big fan of Crosby for his earlier shit/whacking at Giroux wirsts/Malkin/James "head, shoulders knees and elbows, knees and elbows" Neal, but I won hold it against most of your guys. Modern pinsetters interface with a small CCD scanner camera that is mounted farther down the lane.

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15 points submitted 5 days agoIts still one of my favorite parts of the movies as well it just takes away a little bit from that symbolism of men standing alone against evil you know. I say "with all due respect how am I supposed to know you actually going to send anything? I mean I was told an email was sent but I never got a call or any response so how do I know that the email was actually sent?" This new person says that they can guarantee the email was sent just that the store owner must not have cared that much.

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Infighting led to a split in 1998 and both Phife and Q Tip launched solo careers with the latter's being more successful than the former. Never mind you that Trotz won all 3 of his first round series to date with the team. New Sea Doo water craft are fitted with Intelligent Brake Systems.

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You simply love your wife in the light of the Scripture, with prayerful acts of love, independent of her actions. But here the thing: Game of Zones isn played on Excel spreadsheets. Columbus said in his description that the creature he saw had a beautiful upper body like a young maiden with long golden hair that fell down her back and firm young breasts that would make a man cry out with desire.

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If a kid has a great father/male role model then that great, but not every boy does. This year's Australian Open has provided a real shot in the arm though. Brushy Bill Roberts told many people over the years that he was in fact really Billy the Kid.

Sure, deny Vayne some CS by zoning her with rockets, but if you lose even a single minion in the process then it not worth it, just sit back and farm. He won his second straight AL MVP award.. Anyway, there were maybe a couple hundred people at the game.

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It's it's it's the season is you get to see a few years. None of the women in this book are very good role models, nor are they the pioneers for women of their age. Esta Informacin puede incluir, por ejemplo, el nombre, la direccin postal, la direccin de correo electrnico y el nmero de telfono de un destinatario.

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They prefer to nest high up in the canopy of tall trees usually above one hundred feet. Blood pool at the back by the doors is due to the stretcher or cot pad design. Some Florida newspapers wouldn't even print the pictures of the black players. The paddler puts on the skirt, which fits tightly around the waist, and then slips into the boat.

I really appreciate all your help. The women were not considered as being important and useful existence and all these centers on gender inequality. She one of the most compassionate, caring people I ever met.. If you enter options, you must enter a space before the option, and between each option if you enter more that one.

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In other words being buried alive in the next life. I think Porsche elitest just bad mouth anything that isn manual. There are two kinds of fiber soluble and insoluble. Lots of money is coming in, and the downtown is taking off. A graphics tablet and pen is where your mouse is replaced by a tool shaped like a pen, then used on a surface that is called the tablet, which is your drawing area.

The perks they were using to try to sell it were "free Sunday brunch every week." It was $1800. These activities have more impact in transferring the tax burden to other areas than any impact that churches would have.. They often become homeless because they can't deal with a crisis, something people with good, strong family and friend support structures are far better equipped to handle.

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Kevin was the managers son and soon to be "heir to the throne".. Run first person games on older hardware. We met with Peters before he took Calgary so it possible they serious about looking at every option before making a choice. The night is coming to an end and I'm quite incapacitated.

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Also now that bitcoin is an accepted and useful thing, it is never going away. Earlier, matais were also the only ones allowed to vote, although this right has since been diluted to grant suffrage to the masses. I'm pro having a relationship with France at this point.

I can recall the full verbiage of the regulation, it is posted somewhere on this thread also, but it says that they aren just floating around gender neutral. Yesterday I felt so unsatisfied with my workout. This manager listens to gossips brought to her attention and convicts you without finding the truth.

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3:08 The way LVE engages his blocker is frustrating. Rock stars, you know, they wind up getting overly large in the ego, but break ups and reunions, from a cynical view, could even be a marketing strategy.. If the member was entitled to receive monthly pension benefits, their beneficiaries will receive 13th month payments in December..

They know what they have experienced as children have more than adequately prepared them to face and overcome any negative situation that presents itself.. Write about a time when you were expected to set an example for someone else. Yet, I've never met or personally know anyone that's won more than $1,500.

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Parnell knot, parnell knot, parnell knot. Scientific studies have found out the benefits that are derived from forgiving and the demerits of not forgiving. You'll want to make an argument that you will save money by creating less scrap in the long run.

So confident was he in his physical prowess that he talked of a comeback in his early 50s.. Because of evolution, humans did not naturally eat in the morning. You didn respond to my comments on the article.. They are used for 'day of week', 'date', and '24 hour time'.

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His Zen demeanor trickled down to his players so they never felt they were out of a game or series. Her presentation was brilliant and well received. With Thames on the disabled list with a thumb injury, it's Santana's turn to make an impact for the Brewers and rebound from his early season struggles.

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All poor and disfigured were seen as sinful or evil in past lives. Now that Trump has exposed them for the paper tiger we all suspected they were they have no rational choice but to begin opening their border.. I made this choice by comparing a few of AMPDACs around 60 100 Euro This one or the Fiio E10k seemed like the best two options.

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In BDO I think combat improved significantly by making battles last longer, forcing people to time their cc instead of spam buttons, and expand their knowledge of the new combo this opened up. LegacyYes, there is a legacy a legacy so profound that it should awaken the deepest love in even a cold heart.

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Definitely agree the first time you go. Most baskets begin with a base and that base design is almost like a signature of the basket weaver. She also had to correct her club feet. Some of them fled, and took to the hills and could never be captured again.

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Do NOT call a marine a soldier. Now every non rap song has been touched by a David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Zedd, the list goes on.. He can also prevent fire from scorching, and if He doesn't they still trust Him. It not deep but way deeper than anyone thought and has a very intense world..

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That is why I decided to share my essay with all of you.. But it broke down on me a little over half the year either due to high winds or just unlucky ball hitting a pole. I really do not know how people think this is Okay for a federal agency to seize private documents from an attorney that relates to him representing clients.

Oh yea, it that simple, just shut Pandora box.. Moving out and going nc may not be the first thing. Others just smash plates to show their appreciation for the band that's accompanying their revelry.. Then contrast the view of sex in Europe or Canada versus the twisted and hypocritical view of sex in the US, and you will begin to understand how the US view of sex, age of consent, and marriage is not healthy or normal, and does not lead to good outcomes.

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The guys that run high 1st are really good operators at this level. Owning Your Own Domain Parking SoftwareI used to park my undeveloped domains with domain parking companies. I brought Tucker (who is probably my closest friend) and asked him to record it because every time I am in the crowd when it happens I never live in the moment and watch the result.

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When they heard that the KLM flight was getting ready to take off they attempted to radio the tower to inform everyone that they were still taxiing down the runway. If you then invested that into an after tax Roth IRA at 7% for 30 years, you end up with.

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It is slowly changing and women are working for that equal status but it aint there yet.. It is not their job as parents to make it so that no one else can do a sport they love.. Just the chicken sandwich."The po' boy: New Orleans' version of the sub (or hoagie, depending on which part of the country you hail from) was supposedly invented by French Quarter restaurant owners Clovis and Bennie Martin in 1929.

At the super G, it meant the Americans had no impact on the medal stand. Otherwise you can still scan without IV/CP with new accounts, which again will be shadow banned over time (although in the last week I have seen no shadow bans). More importantly, while these interregna elicit different feelings, they almost all have definite conclusions after a set amount of time: a follow up appointment, the promise of a professor to post grades on a particular day, the date in November when the California Bar releases exam results online..

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One of my best friends broke up with his girlfriend of three years because she revealed that she was an anti vaxxer and fully believed that vaccines caused autism. I concede to the Vector being a bit OP, but not egregiously.. It didn work. New medications can weaken this progression, however..

In pretty much every other game I played, if there a wipe, the chatbox would be full of conversation, either blaming/shaming, laughing, or theorizing. And went about finding new members.. What isn't good. Some of the celebrations fell on different days on different calendars, sometimes with a disparity of 4 days difference! Fortunately all of them agreed on Valentine's Day.

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