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One of the freshest sounds coming out of Atlanta today is from hip-hop duo EARTHGANG. Its members, rappers Johnny “Olu O. Fann” Venus and Doctur “Eian Undrai Mbt Shoes Outlet Parker” Dot, have pioneered a sound that’s received high praises from Noisey and Billboard, to name a few, and their sound has been compared to OutKast and The Pharcyde.Not only is Cheap Ray Bans EARTHGANG’s music heavily influenced by their native Atlanta, but so is their personal style. The two have a dope way of blending the freshness of ATL’s creative scene, which is diverse, Mbt Shoes colorful, and full of energy, with streetwear classics like PUMA’s GV Special.Doctor Dot and Johnny Venus, laced up in GV Specials, gave us a tour of their hometown, spoke on the Christian Louboutin Sale hustle in Atlanta and its evolving music scene, all while flexing their personal style.
Following in the footsteps of his pals Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, Ibn Jasper is launching his Fitflops On Sale own brand. Today, the creative has taken to social media to announce his new footwear company, STRATICA INTERNATIONAL.“I founded my own brand 8 weeks ago,” Jasper noted on Instagram. “This Cheap Birkenstocks Sandals shoe was only an idea that existed in my Adobe Illustrator 2 months Fitflop Sale ago, and now, to hold the physical object in my hand is a great feeling!”Ibn then went on to give us an on-foot look at his initial STRATICA INTERNATIONAL creation (swipe right), while the official STRATICA IG account also provides with another glimpse at the shoe.Jasper has yet to disclose when the sneakers Fitflop Sandals will become available, but be sure to check back with us for more. Also, hit the comment section to leave us your early thoughts on STRATICA INTERNATIONAL.In other footwear news, Kanye’s Christian Louboutin “Super Moon Yellow” YEEZY 500 is due to restock next month.
The aesthetic of the sneaker mirrors the rapper’s loud taste, primarily inspired by his notoriously decked out whip, featuring Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses a blue hit on the heel and a never-done-before heel jewel comprised of moulded chrome with a Jet impression. Color accents are injected into the design through its “Stem Green” outsole Christian Louboutin Shoes and iridescent toe that transforms from green to blue to purple, replicating his Pilot Talk album cover.Additionally, the accompanying shoe box is tweaked to mimic the details of his ride, rendered Birkenstock Outlet in “Candy Green” with chromed out accents.In other sneaker news, Gucci gives its Rhyton sneaker a sporty update.

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