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Ithas been an exciting few weeks in the US Open Rams John Franklin-Myers Jersey , with the women聮s final contestedyesterday and an epic men聮s final awaits us with Nadal coming up againstDjokovic. The women聮s final saw Serena Williams take her fifth US Opentitle and the second in succession against Victoria Azarenka, the same personwho she beat in the 2012 final. The world number one has now clocked up 17Grand Slam singles titles, an epic achievement which puts her fifth in theall-time tennis rankings and just seven behind Margaret Court.

TheUS Open holds a great deal of history, from the very first tournament in 1968to what we see today and the means final has still to come. Djokovic, the worldnumber one takes on the 2010 champion who is now returning to the top of hisgame after seven months side lined with a knee injury.

Kneeinjuries can be common among tennis players Authentic Drew Smyly Jersey , as with many high impact energysports such as football and badminton. There are different types of kneeinjuries which can be sustained, each with their own levels of severity,rehabilitation routes and recuperation times. Nadal experienced one of the moresevere knee injuries with 7 months out of action.

Aknee injury can range from a slight strain or sprain to ligament damage. Aslight sprain can be very painful, but is largely self-limiting with recoverywithin a few days. Ice can also be used to help manage the inflammation, butrest is one of the most important things as part of recovery. A knee supportcan also be used in order to aid recovery and provide additional support forthe patient.

Ligamentdamage is one of the more serious knee injuries incurred as this can involvesurgery to remedy the problem and lead to a considerable amount of time on thesidelines for players Authentic Carlos Gomez Jersey , both professionals and amateurs alike. The kneeligaments are responsible for providing structure to the joint, thereforewithout them there is a lack of stability. Post surgery physiotherapy will berequired to help strengthen the joint again and the use of a knee support canagain work as part of the overall rehabilitation programme. A knee support forligament damage can differ depending on the type of sport undertaken, withextreme sports such as snowboarding opting for a brace with a rigid frame toprevent impact damage.

Wehave seen many professionals wearing sports braces in recent years and tennisis no different to manage sports injuries. Nadal, havingrecovered from a serious knee injury, may well have opted for wearing a kneesupport to enhance his recovery. 聽A kneesupport is designed to offer protection to the knee joint Authentic B.J. Upton Jersey , either post injuryor post rehabilitation to help manage movement of the joint and offer increasedconfidence to the patient. Confidence is a major factor in rehabilitation, withthe knee support giving the patient the confidence they need to carry onperforming.

Compressionis also a major factor of wearing a knee support, as compression can help tomanage inflammation as well as reducing pain for the patients. The majority ofsports braces now offer compression as standard, with the material used alsobeing breathable and comfortable to wear.

Eachknee support is completely different, designed to manage specific conditions.Conditions such as ligament damage and osteoarthritis of the knee will requirea completely different knee support compared to one required to manage a slightsprain. A knee support designed to manage ligament damage can have a rigidexoskeleton to help protect against impact damage Authentic Royce Freeman Jersey , whereas a knee supportmanaging the conditions of osteoarthritis of the knee must be flexible andmalleable to work with the knee.

Thereare also different designs of knee support, from entire joint wrap around to somethinglike a patella strap. A patella strap is specifically designed to manage thepatella and related conditions such as patella tendonitis. The support itselfsits just below the knee joint and is designed to offer compression to thepatella which can help manage inflammation and reduce pain.

Thepatella is the small bone sitting at the front of the knee, often referred toas the 聭knee cap聮. Tendonitis can occur as a result of overuse or as a resultof injury sustained to the ligaments. The patella strap can be used to managethis specific condition by being applied to the affected area.

Onsustaining any type of injury it is important that you rest for a few days sothat you are fully recovered. If the injury has not fully healed after thistime it would be wise to speak with a clinician who will be able to diagnosethe issue and offer a rehabilitation programme in the form of physiotherapy orthe use of sports braces such as a knee support聽or ankle support tooffer maximum protection.聽
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