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Thelast tournament , held in 2008 and jointly hosted by Austria andSwitzerland was attended by over 1.1 million people with billionsmore watching on television.

The idea for aEuropean international football tournament was first put forward byHenri Delauney of the French Football Federation way back in 1927 butit did not get started until the 1960 tournament held in his honourin France with the trophy named after him.

Seventeen teamsentered the tournament but only four played in the finals competitionin France. The inaugural competition was won by the Soviet Union whobeat Yugoslavia 2-1 in the final in Paris.

Incredibly, thesemi-final of the 1968 tournament, hosted by Italy Authentic Ronnie Harrison Jersey , was won by thetoss of a coin after the Italians and Russians could not be separatedin normal play. Italy went on to win the final beating Yugoslavia 2 -0 in a replay.

A group stage wasintroduced in 1980 with the leading team of each of two groupscontesting the final which West Germany won to take their secondEuropean title.

France won theirfirst major international tournament in 1984 taking the title bebeating Spain 2 聳 0 in the final. On the way, captain MichelPlatini scored and incredible nine goals in five games and he remainsthe tournament's all time top scorer. Platini is now the President ofUEFA.

Denmark weresurprise winners in 1992, only gaining a place in the finals after Authentic Sam Hubbard Jersey ,then warring, Yugoslavia were forced to withdraw. The Danes shockedfavourites and holders Holland in the semi-finals, knocking them outon penalties and then went on to beat world champions , Germany 2 聳0 in the final.

semi-finals at Euro 1996 only to crash out againstGermany in a penalty shoot-out. Euro 2004 produced the the biggestshock winners as a workmanlike Greece side overcame odds of 150 聳 1against when the tournament started to defeat favourites Portugal inthe final 1 聳 0.
Spain triumphedover Germany in the final of Euro 2008 and are now both World andEuropean Champions and they head towards Euro 2012 as clearfavourites to be the first to retain the UEFA European FootballChampionship.

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