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Still the chances came at both
The Bayern Munich manager, Jupp Heynckes, is not picky about who his side will face in the Champions League semi-finals, after a goalless draw against Sevilla sent the German club through with a 2-1 aggregate victory to keep their hopes of a treble-winning season alive.
Liverpool, Roma or Real Madrid wait in the next round but Heynckes knows Bayern face a tough encounter, regardless of their opposition.“No coach ever has a preference,” Heynckes said. “Look at what happened to Barcelona. The games will be tight. You saw in Manchester and Womens Delino DeShields Jersey Rome that anything can happen. You cannot underestimate any team that has qualified for a semi-final.
“Of course we are ambitious and want to reach the final. The semi-final games will be tough – but we have the ambition and the motivation to face up to those challenges.“Some big teams have gone out. There are always surprises in the Champions League. I think we have a good chance. My players have big ambitions to win.”
Bayern, playing in their seventh successive quarter‑final, never needed to hit top form but were in control throughout with the largely toothless Spanish side only rarely venturing into the box. The German club, who last won the treble in 2013, again under Heynckes, had secured a 2-1 advantage from the first leg in Spain.
Sevilla, who beat Manchester United in the last 16, ended the game with 10 men after the dismissal in stoppage time of Joaquín Correa for a rough challenge. The result meant Sevilla, in the last eight of the European Cup for the first time since their only previous appearance at this stage 60 years ago, still managed to end Heynckes’ 12-game record winning run in the competition.
Still the chances came at both ends. Higuaín P. J. Williams Jersey shot over, Toni Kroos was blocked and Isco curled wide. Madrid had wrested some control, a little breathing room. Or so it seemed. A minute after Buffon was out to save from Isco, Juventus got the second. De Sciglio had been forced Dee Ford Jersey off but the supply from the right was not cut. Stephan Lichtsteiner this time curled to Mandzukic to head home. At the other end, Raphaël Varane’s header thumped back off the bar on the stroke of half‑time.
Again there is nothing in this that requires anyone to be shamed or retrospectively stripped of their achievements. Guardiola’s excellence brought some studied excellence in response from Hodgson – and now from Klopp and Mourinho. The league is improved by this process, our entertainment improved and given shape.The most interesting question now is how Guardiola will respond. Elements of English football have been desperate for him to fail and to fail in exactly this way to be exposed as lazy and vain, an Improper Football Man, all foreign-accented short cuts and dossier-fondling privilege.

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If you can, try to find out what the dealer price is and negotiate up from that figure. I think DnD Beyond is doing a good job at it right now but the service is more expensive is too expensive for people who buy dead tree copies (which I like to have when I running a game).Of course support of the digital version would help get people to actually buy them instead of stealing copies.

The incident angered many in the cricketing community prompting an immediate change in the laws of cricket.[7] It was the cause of much anger and consternation of New Zealanders towards Australia, and still casts a shadow over trans Tasman sporting events.

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But there a time and place. During those 10 years, I had a great work/life balance, decent pay, great benefits (which came in handy as my baby was diagnosed with a rare illness and was on a ton of meds) and I was fortunate enough to have bosses who repaid my hard work with growth opportunities.

Carey School of business at Arizona State University came up with some surprising facts.. Stancic's erstwhile MS specialist lost all interest in her recovery when she revealed she was off all drugs and healed herself with a Whole Foods, Plant Based diet, and in the process dropped all her medications.

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My daughter's came every 31 days before she got on the pill. 3 points submitted 4 days agoFWIW, I don necessarily go for the "more expensive players", I absolutely decide based on match ups. Our coworker was an older lady, pleasant, and seemingly got a long with everyone.

Star Trek: Enterprise was the last Star Trek series made for television, and so it is the newest. If you want to continue to be a complete and total ignorant moron and disregard literal facts for conjecture then you are free to do so, it is America after all.

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