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Why do we charge to cut the fiber at a absolute 90° bend at all? Well, this is adapted if we ambition to agglutinate two optical fibers together. Fiber Optic Splice Closure admixture splicing consistently requires that the fiber tips have a bland end face that is erect to the fiber axis.

The carve aloft is absolute important in free the admixture splicing loss. This is abnormally authentic for specialty fibers such as erbium-doped fibers and dispersion-compensating fibers.

The basal abstraction of optical fiber cleaving is aboriginal to blemish the fiber with a absolute harder architectonics bend scribing tool, which induces a abundantly ample apparent crack, afresh the fiber brier applies a compactness accent to the fiber which causes the able to aggrandize rapidly above the fiber cantankerous section.

After cleaving, the fiber cantankerous breadth about consists of three regions: the mirror region, the brume arena and the breach region. The mirror arena is aboriginal produced while the able propagates above the fiber. We ambition the mirror arena to be as ample as possible. A absolute fiber cleaving will be 100% mirror arena which will aftereffect in minimum admixture splicing loss.

But in reality, as the able propagates more, assorted able fronts are produced abutting to the end of the carve and that arena is alleged the breach region. The breach arena is a asperous apparent breadth which will cause bad admixture splicing. We never ambition breach arena to exist.

There are two aloft factors which mainly determines a Fiber Closure quality: the admeasurement of the antecedent able and the activated compactness stress. In these two factors, the activated compactness accent plays a aloft part.

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