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Thunder This field apparently defensive preparations for the king Carl Hagelin Jersey, the campaign, the king on the offensive end clear, Fox is the engine, Hilde is the longbowman outside, Randolph is the vanguard of the siege, in the second quarter, Hildes continuous open fire outside, to the third quarter, 3-0 vote in the first half Randolph suddenly began to erupt, after he scored consecutive goals, the Thunder did not pay enough attention Josh Archibald Jersey, still using individual defensive, in an attack In the game, Randolph against Adams, he faced each other directly to complete the throw, the ball scored. After a lapse of 2 minutes, the same scene again Derrick Pouliot Jersey, Randolph singles, the Thunder did not choose ahead of attack, still insist on individual defense, when he reached the basket Sam Miletic Jersey, it has been unable to stop.

Dove along the road and storm, Dirk Nowitzki has infinite love for the team, in order to make the team stronger, Nowitzki is willing to make sacrifices. Since 2010, Dirk Nowitzki's total payroll more than 110 million US dollars, he did so in order to allow the Mavs to have more money signings, his desire for victory over money. "I am very fortunate to be able to play 20 great seasons with such a great team and I am very grateful," Dirk Nowitzki told Tencent Sports Interview and "go all out to win, that's what we The goal.

Li Angelo - Boer is the 2017 draft pick the list Lanzo - Boer's younger brother, is the "father" of the second son, currently playing for UCLA. According to ESPN, Beijing time on Tuesday, the police took a hotel in Hangzhou, took Angelo Luo - Boer and two other UCLA players Cody - Riley and Jay Hill, who allegedly stole the store in China .

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