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I believe that over the past 20 years, did not let the fans down their team is the only thing to do, but the 27 -year-old Havlicek can wait for the 54 -year-old cardinal from 0 to start rebuilding the team, but the 68 -year-old Bobo Wei odd really have the energy and energy promised to Leonard a future? This is for the Spurs and Leonard is the biggest problem and challenge, and 2019 Nian when he can re-select out of the contract, is to become Havlicek or do another Paul - George, it will market and kawaii together give us an answer.

12-13 season, just to get his career first championship trophy of the Heat LeBron ready to climb again. He averaged 26.8 points 8 rebounds and 7.3 assists while shooting 56 Brandin Cooks Jersey.5 percent and three-point shooting 40.6 percent were a career high. It was not his data the most beautiful season, but it is the most efficient, most versatile, most dominant season. Heat surging Under his leadership, the fight tyrannical separate ways Kudiehanniang. Quarter Final Heat scored 66 wins, 16 losses, more than the league's second-Thunder 6 wins, take LeBron MVP no suspense. Vote results came out we found: All 121 first place votes, there are 1 Zhang did not write LeBron, LeBron's friend says Anthony's name. This vote belongs to the "Boston Globe" columnist Gary - Washburn .

He said: "I voted for Anthony because of his importance to the Knicks, even if you are past 10 did not concern years, also know that it is a non-competitive team, this is not the best player award, but most valuable player award, I think this season unfolds Anthony value can not be replaced, he led the Knicks 19 years, won the division title for the first time, it is worth I cast a vote for him. "the basic expression of this large segment of words a meaning: as a Celtics fan, can no personal grudge between me and LeBron. LeBron do not mind this, it is impossible. He heard the news, said: "I am very angry, but also made me work harder, urged me to go further."

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