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 Betreff des Beitrags: Durant won the MVP
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Durant won the MVP , LeBron only got 125 first place votes in the 6 Zhang ranked second, while the Heat lost the disintegration of the Big Three crown; 14-15 Curry won the season MVP Kony Ealy Jersey, LeBron is ; Harden pushed to third place, while LeBron doing all lost to the Warriors in the finals 15-16 Curry season as the NBA history as the first unanimously elected MVP after LeBron occupying Leonard; on season, Westbrook averaged three pairs to win the MVP , LeBron decade for the first time dropped out of the MVP rankings of the top three, only the fourth column. Already 4 years Shaq Mason Jersey, 4 years, LeBron always MVP crushed opponents from various quarters vote, like the MVP award voted by this, the gap dozens of first place votes means that the vast majority of voters think you do and that person can not be the ultimate Aspen par. Upcoming 17-18 season, LeBron once again have the opportunity to get MVP do?

This year he was 33 years old, Jordan 34 years old won his first 5 and last 1 Ge MVP , LeBron will be only one step in the MVP tied Jordan's number. "He's like the original Shaq - Shaquille O'Neal," Taryn - Lu has been smooth things over, "you are well aware, every year LeBron MVP contender." A few years ago remark sounds like a nursing cubs eager parents, deliberately large crowd congregation something good to coax their own children happy, but the situation is indeed somewhat different next season. A few weeks ago in Las Vegas gaming company gives new season MVP odds, casino oldest Westgate will LeBron ranked first at [ 1 lose 4 .

The previous quarter finals MVP Durant and Leonard, Westbrook followed odds of 2 to lose 9 , letters and brother Harden odds 1 lost 8 , Curry 1 lose 12 . US media experts, reporters published a variety of player rankings, awards predict, although there are all kinds of rational data, rhetoric to decorate, can be classified as "information only", given the odds in Las Vegas is more reliable . The reason is simple: experts, reporters who are taking salary to live, such a thing wrong was beaten face long been accustomed to, Las Vegas odds to inaccurate, but losing money gambling industry giants. LeBron has been training hard this summer, when he began pre-season training camp teammates brought together and published a pass reflections.

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