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 Betreff des Beitrags: Havlicek averaged 21 + 6 + 3
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Havlicek averaged 21 + 6 + 3 , as the countdown to the first pick in the first round of his data and now Leonard is not much difference, but after retiring Russell, Havlicek was forced to start everything took over the Celtics, following years of his trajectory data is as follows: 1969-70 season (Russell retired the first year), averaging 24.2 points 7.8 rebounds and 6.4 assists in 1970-71 season, averaging 28.9 points 9.0 rebounds 7.5 assists (second in the league scoring, assists and fourth in the league) 1971-72 season, averaging 27.5 points 8.2 rebounds and 7.5 assists ...... upstream has always been a superstar thing before becoming a superstar should do, and this is actually Havlicek also can cause iron before the first king of history - when you reach a certain limit of efficiency, effectiveness and give up part of the team over the top, the pursuit of greater output when the team needed an ace is needed to reflect sense of responsibility.

So in the future of San Antonio, a Weiss (or Kobe) of Leonard perhaps it would be more in line with the interests of the team than it is now Of course, whether it is 2003 Nian Duncan play the leading role of a person to conquer the world, or 08 Nian Ginobili has been seriously underestimated the NBA Third array, or later is also a small sports car when the engine of transformation, the Spurs have never been lacking this core kind of sense of responsibility. So maybe the next Leonard can really become Havlicek second generation, evolved into a level similar to LeBron averaged 27 + 7 + 7 levels of players maybe, but the cost can not be ignored is that in wasted 4 years after the golden period of his career, Havlicek until the 32 -year-old was re-lead the green Army to win. And Leonard's future may be more twists and turns - carefully examine how the Spurs list of personnel and salary-cap space today, you will find other teams now San Antonio is worth trading for a player or a handful.

Admittedly Spurs is always a turning waste into excellent team, but under the rule Popovich, the Spurs now than ten years ago and is still Wei Mian freedom can not move when players are not much different - from Mason, Nigeria Seoul, Blair and then to Split, Popovich role players never seem to be useful only in his own team, while limiting small market Spurs must keep them with a salary higher than the market price, the final killing at least from now on, only with a group of teammates and kawaii rigid salary structures to spend at least two years peak period So now to see whether the Spurs fans really stupid discussion about a year ago, is not it adorable (and not worth) of the maximum salary contract? And Cardinal, as Popovich believes the player's life not only include basketball, if holding a similar state of mind Nate Solder Jersey, then, Jiang Wenli in "The Master," says the lines just right now they have a place of hope Spurs fans - good not how many days, but one day at a good day.

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