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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Congress should enact uniform standards for any states that plan to legislate sports betting.

Goodell detailed the league’s position in a statement Monday that reiterated the NFL’s stance that legalized sports gambling in the United States should be governed by federal law rather than state law. The Supreme Court ruled last week to strike down a 1992 law that barred most state-authorized sports gambling.

In suggesting four core principles that should be maintained for any form of legalized sports betting Rams Authentic Jerseys , Goodell stressed that leagues can ”protect our content and intellectual property from those who attempt to steal or misuse it.” He also said guidelines must provide substantial consumer protections; ensure fans will have access to official, reliable league data; and that law enforcement will have the resources, monitoring and enforcement tools necessary ”to protect our fans and penalize bad actors here at home and abroad.”

After emphasizing the importance of protecting the integrity of his sport, Goodell noted the NFL has been planning for the potential of legalized sports gambling in states other than Nevada.

”(We) are prepared to address these changes in a thoughtful and comprehensive way, including substantial education and compliance trainings for our clubs, players, employees and partners,” he said. ”These efforts include supporting common sense legislation that protects our players Geronimo Allison Jersey , coaches and fans and maintains public confidence in our games.”

The NFL has long opposed any forms of gambling on its games, though it has approved the move of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas in 2020, and has strong ties to fantasy football, which is not tied to the Supreme Court decision.

Many sports leagues have expressed concerns about the varied betting rules each state could pass, where bets could be placed, and who would be overseeing them.

Those leagues also believe they are entitled to an ”integrity fee.” The easiest way to arrange for a cut of the proceeds would be negotiating with Congress rather than deals with individual states. If it passed a nationwide bill, Congress could require casinos, tracks or state governments to share some of their revenue with the sports leagues – or pay the integrity fees Adidas Vincent Trocheck Jersey , designed to cover the costs of policing betting.

AP Writer Wayne Parry contributed.

As the Seahawks try to keep their defense playing at its traditionally high level despite the absence of five former Pro Bowl selections, a pair of veteran additions from Minnesota along the defensive line could help steady the ship.

Seattle added former Vikings defensive tackles Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen as veteran pieces along the defensive front on consecutive days in March. While Johnson and Stephen don't directly replace Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman or Kam Chancellor, they are experienced veterans that played on a Vikings defense that was among the league's best last season. Johnson and Stephen get a chance to return to Minnesota to face their former team in Seattle's third preseason game Friday night.

"This was the place that kind of wanted both of us," Johnson said. "I ended up telling him I was going to come here and shortly after he made the decision to come out. It was a great deal."

Johnson 鈥?one of the few players still in the NFL to have played in NFL Europe 鈥?brings the ability to rush the passer from the interior. He posted a career-high 6.5 sacks with Minnesota in 2014 before netting just two in each of the last two seasons.

"I wish we found him six or seven years ago," coach Pete Carroll said of Johnson. "He's one of our guys. He's got the chip on his shoulder and he shows it day in and day out by the way he approaches his work. ... He's fantastic and we love the fact that he's in that room (and) got a lot of young guys with him. He's got a fantastic influence on those guys."

Stephen is more of a space-eating force that the Seahawks hope can help get the team's run defense back on track after it had some uncharacteristic struggles last season. After three straight seasons in the top five against the run, the Seahawks fell to 19th last year Nathan MacKinnon Jersey , allowing an average of 114 yards per game on the ground.

"Shamar is big, thick, studly, big strong hands getting off blocks and filling up the line of scrimmage, and he's a really good pursuit guy," Carroll said.

Defensive tackle Jarran Reed was perturbed early in camp by all the focus on the players who weren't with the team: Avril, Bennett, Sherman Barry Church Jersey , Chancellor and Earl Thomas, whose holdout continues nearly a month into camp.

"Too many people are worried about them being gone," Reed said. "We got the team here right now that's going to go out there and battle with us on Sundays. I'm honestly tired of hearing it. We got guys right here and they can do the same thing and I just want everybody to believe in us."

Added Johnson: "We got a mix of guys that's athletic enough and strong enough and smart enough to be the top defensive linemen in the league so that's one of our goals to strive for right now."

Reed and Johnson have been Seattle's starting defensive tackles throughout the preseason with Stephen and second-year tackle Nazair Jones rotating in situationally. Though Johnson and Stephen have more experience in the NFL than Reed or top pass-rusher Frank Clark, they've assimilated into Seattle's defensive line group seamlessly since joining the team this spring.

"They've been very respectful in understanding the fact this is Frank and Jarran's room," assistant head coach Clint Hurtt said. "We're just going to mesh and continue to build the cohesiveness of the unit and it's been outstanding. They're a pleasure to have."

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