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ne day in AD 2011, I was playing in an oasis. I played and suddenly, the Universe United called me and said, "The aliens want to be a guest on the earth, you are a tour guide." I promised, very happy, because I have not seen the aliens, just listen. The scientific headquarters on Earth said there are to the place where the UFO landed. When I saw the aliens, I was shocked. It is totally different from my imagination, but it is similar to our Earth, except that he has an antenna on his head. After I introduced myself, I asked him: "Do you know anyone on earth?" He said: "I know, this is what the United Nations said before." I asked again: "Why can't you find us first?" He said: "Because our spacecraft often stops in deserts and glaciers." I said, "Aliens, go, sit on the amphibious car on our planet." He said: "Is it OK? As far as I know you guys." The science and technology are still very backward." I retorted: "That is nonsense." I pushed him into the car and flew up. I am flying at medium speed. He said: "Yes, there is a speed of our flying saucer. I have made the speed faster, but he does not adapt to the flow of air. It becomes difficult to breathe, so I gave him a pill that can adapt to the speed of the air. He After eating, just fine. Take him to visit the Pyramids, the Great Wall Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, Niagara Falls and many other places of interest. He and I have been traveling for a long time, I let him go to my house. At this time, I started to transfer to my home. Downstairs. He said: "Wow, it��s really fast. "I put a pen in the car and went to my house with him Newport Cigarettes. He said: "Are you afraid of stealing a car?" "I said: "I put a magic pen and can automatically alarm. "He claimed to praise: "The technology of the Earth people is really developed! "When we walked the stairs, every time we walked a ladder, there would be music coming out. I went to the door of the house and said that I opened the door and the door opened. I said, "This is the recording door. Just record the sound first. Just say it later. "I made a meal for him in the house again. "A beautiful jasmine, a beautiful jasmine..." I planted a jasmine flower on my balcony. Every time I saw it, I remembered it. The first song. Jasmine, although it is not as noble as peony, nor has the beauty of Du Fu, but it is elegant and elegant, white and flawless, aromatic and sultry, and also has health care and medicinal valhe summer, the jasmine blossoms and prepares to bloom Marlboro Lights. When it is just long flowering, people can only see the dragon claws, half-open and half-closed cymbals, while the small flower buds are often hidden. Later, when the scorpion grows to a certain extent, it will slowly spread, and the peduncle will be exposed. At this time, the bud will grow very fast. Within a few days, it will slowly open. The flower that is completely open is very like a lotus flower, but it is very small. The corolla is smaller than a coin. Later, the longer it grew, the jasmine flowers were white and snowy, and the petals were pointed. They have poked their heads out of the emerald green leaves, shyly squinting at their faces, clusters, clusters Cigarettes Online, and you are squeezing and squeezing Parliament Cigarettes, and the white and fresh petals are layered open, white as snow Run as jade, as thin as a slap, light as a yarn, let people love the hearrape, attractive aroma, but also health care and medicinal value. Jasmine has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, sterilizing and reducing inflammation, relieving pain and calming the nerves. We picked themine, I couldn't help but sing the beautiful fragrance of the fragrant fragrant, and the whi

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