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 Betreff des Beitrags: My family has a super book fan
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My family has a super book fan - I, in order to read books, I stay up all night, sleepless nights, and often make jokes!This is not, recently a new book "Laughing Cat Diary", a lot of classmates are watching, I also want to buy a copy of my mother. When I got home, I couldn��t wait to see it, one hour Cigarettes Cheaper, two hours, three hours... I was still concentrating on it until I was eating. "Zuo Siyi has eaten!" cried the mother. "Oh, right now!" I promised without lifting my head. One minute, three minutes, five minutes... I became fascinated, thinking: Hey, this laughing cat is really fun, and I want to buy it later, oh! "Left - think - Yi - you come to eat right away!" Mom is impatient. "Wait a minute." I said slowly, it is a minute to watch one minute! After a few more minutes, my mother ran over and grabbed the book and shouted: "Don't watch, eat!" "Dead!" I haven't reacted yet, just screaming at the sentence in the book. "Who is dead?" Mom looked horrified. I quickly explained: "No, I saw a sentence in the book." "Quickly eat, eat it before you can see it!" I heard it, gorged, and finished eating in less than 10 minutes. I was hungry with a baby book. Looks like it. ", I saw a funny plot of "Laughing Cat Diary", and the rice that has not been swallowed has been sprayed out!n the evening Newport Cigarettes, I was looking at it with gusto, "Zuo Siyi, went to sleep." Dad urged. I looked at it and washed it for a long time before I went to bed. I took off my trousers and sat on the bed. I thought: I still have to look at it. The laughing cat is really beautiful Parliament Cigarettes. Thinking of me sitting on the bed and looking. Dad came to see me sleeping. When he entered the door, I was still watching Cheap Cigarettes. Dad was angry. He received a "Laughing Cat Diary". I turned over in bed for a long time before falling asleep. Dreaming is "Laughing Cat Diary". !When I talked about the "nerd", the whole family pointed to me and said, "The nerd is fascinated!" Classmates, you have books to lend me! More is better! My family has a music fan, that is my grandmother, she can not sleep, do not eat, but can not listen to music one day.he likes to watch "China's Good Voice", and she can see the evening from noon. It is very struggling! Noon: I asked her: "Now should you take a nap?" But she ignored me and looked at the computer. I kept talking twice, and she shook her hand and said, "I don't sleep, I have to read it." She quickly stared at Wuhan girl Xiao Ziyi, Zhu Ziyi sang "a beautiful jasmine..." Grandma looked at her with a smile and sang from time to time. If the Beijing actor sings better than her, the grandmother swallows a spit, and her eyes show a sad look; if the situation reverses, the grandmother applauds and agrees.vening: After dinner, my grandmother sat on the sofa and started the TV. I wanted to see who won. At this time, no one can grab it with her because it is impossible to grab. Finally at 12 o'clock in the evening, her upper eyelids lay down the eyelids Newport Cigarettes Website, and she continued to look with her fingers. It was our last day at 1 o'clock. When my grandfather saw that she was really exhausted, she said, "Now I am still watching! Go to sleep!" Grandma ignored her grandfather. When I went to the bathroom, I only heard the cheerful applause, and I was half-awake. I was shocked!ter a while, the show was finally over, and the grandmother was finally "closed"! Grandma is really a music fan of my family. I hope that my grandmother can have music, but I have to sleep early and pay attention to my body so that I can live a better life with our family!

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