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Gorky once said that "books are the ladder of human progress." Shakespeare also said that "books are the nutritional products of all mankind." The great poet Du Fu of ancient China also said that "there is a lot of books, and there are gods." ... These celebrity quotes praise the "book", which shows how important the book is to us.Classmates, good books accompany us to grow up, we all come together to read good books, learn more useful knowledge, and make books become good partners for our growth.Some people say that childhood is a cup of boiled water, because it is interesting, so sweet; some people say that childhood is a blank piece of paper, because it is happy Cigarette Online, so colorful; some people say that childhood is a blank memory, because of innocence, so rich... my childhood It��s like a beach, there are things that are ��stupid��, so beautiful! Recalling that, I can��t help myself, that dayDo not understand Marlboro Cigarettes Online, is the wine so delicious? Grandpa took the wine and took a sip, shouting: "Good wine! Good wine!" I am envious of the next, if I can take a sip, how good. The eyeballs turn around and count on the heart. I came to the corner and observed whether there was a chance for me to "make a crime". Looking at my grandfather's enjoyment, the saliva was already flooding, and it was not enough to say that the flow was three thousand feet. Huang Tian did not bear the pains of the people, I saw the grandfather's appetizer - the peanuts were finished, my heart pounded, like fifteen buckets - seven up and eight.Grandpa got up and went to the kitchen to take it Parliament Cigarettes. I quickly ran to it with lightning speed. If my mother saw it, I would definitely sigh. The whole body of the child��s sports cells is now eaten. Looking at the sap of the sap in the hands, I couldn't have a taste, and I swallowed it in a sigh of relief. I had the style of Wu Song drinking. "Oh, what kind of wine is this, it is harder to drink than the enemy." I immediately regretted it. , bitter face. Grandpa came out, I didn't have time to go, I had to sit on the stool if nothing happened. Grandpa looked at me wrong, asked me: "What is it, the face is so ugly?" "No... nothing." This is how I feel dumb to eat berberine - there is no way to say it.Then, Grandpa looked at his glass and said with disapproval: "Did I finish it?" Another shot of his own head, "Oh, I remember this, I just went to get the wine. Oh, the old confused "I The heart is happy, this grandfather, really..The plan was successful, and the result was that the chicken was not eclipsed, not only did not eat delicious food, but also wronged my mouth. But I have always had a scar and forgot to hurt, and rushed out to play with my buddies. After a while, the wine came up Marlboro Gold, and the head seemed to be lead, so heavy. Next, I "sleeped" in the past... When I woke up, I opened my eyes and my mother took a shot of my head: "Taro, wake up. Call you greedy, scare me!" Listening to my mother, I I remembered the ins and outs of things: After my friend sent me home, my mother was shocked and thought that I was sick, and the smell of my body sold me. Later, I was drunk and made my home messy. I still didn't believe it. Until my brother showed me the photos, my hair on the photo was screaming, screaming at the image, and my brother was schadenfreaked. I have to believe this cruel reality - the culprit is me Newport Cigarettes Website. Since then, I have not drunk. After all, the image of Miss is very important.

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